What episode does Kim Woo Bin appeared in School 2013?

School 2013: Episode 3.

Does School 2013 have a happy ending?

Nam-soon and Heung-soo went from being lost to finding home in each other and smiling again. In-jae and Se-chan chose to get back up and keep fighting the good fight. It was a hopeful drama through and through, despite the lack of perfectly sealed happy endings.

What is the story of School 2013?

Synopsis. Jung In-jae (Jang Na-ra) and Kang Sae-chan (Choi Daniel) are homeroom teachers whose philosophies are apparently at odds. Together, they manage Victory High’s toughest class; facing bullies, academic underachievers, and demanding parents, as they help the students overcome their problems.

Is there a love story in school 2013?

The relationship between Nam Soon and Ha Gyung isn’t a romantic one, even though we get hints that Ha Gyung likes him. Instead, it’s a platonic, symbiotic one borne out of unexpected transparency stemming from unlikely circumstances.

Does School 2013 have romance?

How many episodes does WHO ARE YOU school 2015 have?

16Who Are You / Number of episodes

How many episodes does WHO ARE YOU School 2015 have?

Will there be a school 2020 Kdrama?

KBS has decided to cancel the production of ‘School 2020’ following last month’s casting controversy. On April 10, reports revealed that after much discussion KBS decided not to continue with the new installment of the ‘School’ series.

How many episodes does School 2017 have?

16School 2017 / Number of episodes

Who are you plot?

The drama follows the story of the twins, Eun-bi and Eun-byul, who were separated and are now living completely different lives. Eun-bi lives at a home for orphans and is bullied at her high-school, while Eun-byul is adopted and becomes a popular student at her high school.

Who is the female lead in School 2021?

Casting. In February 2020, Kim Yo-han was confirmed as the male lead. Ahn Seo-hyun was cast as female lead, but was removed from the series due to disagreement between her father (who also served as her talent manager at that time) and the producers. Kim Sae-ron was offered the female lead role later, but she declined.

How many episodes does School 2021 have?

16School 2021 / Number of episodes