What happened in December in Pakistan?

Peshawar school massacre, terrorist attack in which seven heavily armed Taliban fighters stormed an army-run primary and secondary school in Peshawar, Pakistan, on December 16, 2014, killing 150 people, of whom at least 134 were students.

Which year was Peshawar attack?

December 16, 20142014 Peshawar school massacre / Start date

Who attacks APS?

Taliban gunmen
On 16 December 2014 Taliban gunmen stormed the Army Public School in the northern city of Peshawar. More than 150 people were killed, 132 of them children.

What happened December 6th?

1912 – The Nefertiti Bust is discovered. 1916 – World War I: The Central Powers capture Bucharest. 1917 – Finland declares independence from the Russian Empire. 1917 – Halifax Explosion: A munitions explosion near Halifax, Nova Scotia kills more than 1,900 people in the largest artificial explosion up to that time.

What happened September 6th in Pakistan?

The date of 6 September marks the day in 1965 when Indian troops crossed the international border to launch an attack on Pakistani Punjab, in a riposte to Pakistan’s Operation Grand Slam targeting Jammu.

What is 16 December in Pakistan?

War between Pakistan and India broke out on 3 December 1971 and concluded on 16 December, when Lieutenant-General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the Commander of the Pakistan Eastern Command, signed the Instrument of Surrender in Dacca, which was accepted by Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, the General Officer …

What happen on 16 December 2014?

2014: Peshawar school massacre Six terrorists associated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan – also called the Pakistani Taliban – attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. The attack resulted in the deaths of 149 people, including 132 children.

How many children died APS?

132 school children
One hundred and forty seven persons, including 132 school children, were martyred in the APS tragedy, known as Pakistan’s 9/11.

Is December 6 a special day?

On December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day recognizes the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern-day Santa Claus. St. Nicholas is known for selling all his possessions and giving his money to the poor. Raised as a devout Christian, St.

Why 6th December is a black day?

On 6 December 1992 the VHP and the BJP organised a rally at the site involving 150,000 volunteers, known as kar sevaks. The rally turned violent, and the crowd overwhelmed security forces and tore down the mosque.

Who won 1965 war?

The Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 was a culmination of skirmishes that took place between April and September 1965. This year marks the 54th anniversary of the war that both India and Pakistan claim to have won.

What is national Defence Day?

In India, National Defense Day is celebrated on March 03. Hence, Option 1 is correct. The Sudanese Government in 1941 gave a hundred thousand pounds to the Governor-General of India during World War II to build a war memorial for the sacrifices of Indian Men in the liberation of Sudan during the East Africa Campaign.