What is 18 8 wire used for?

Uses for this wire includes controlling relays , powering transformers as well sending 24 volts from thermostats to turn on/off your air conditioning unit or furnace. It is also used for home automation and home alarm systems.

What is 18 8 wire?

The 18/8SH-GY is a 18 gauge 8 conductor stranded shielded multi-conductor cable designed for security and low power applications. This 18-8 stranded shielded cable features bare copper stranded conductors, gray PVC jacket, CMR rating, and over-all foil shielding.

How many wires can be in a stranded wire?

In a stranded cable, each of the eight copper conductors are made up of multiple “strands” of small gauge wires that are concentrically wound together in a helix, much like a rope.

Is AWG stranded or solid?

Smaller electrical wire sizes are generally made of solid conductors while wires larger than Number 6 AWG are generally stranded.

What type of thermostat wire do I need?

The most common thermostat cabling is 18/5 (18 gauge, 5 conductor), because 5 conductors typically offer enough functions for a modern thermostat/low voltage device.

How many strands does 18 gauge wire have?

Stranded Wire Gauge Table

Nominal Size of Conductor Number of Wires Lbs. Per 1000 Ft.
14 7 12.68
16 7 7.974
18 7 5.015

Can stranded wire carry more current?

Current Carrying Capacity of Solid & Stranded Wire If the diameter of both wires are the same, the solid wire will carry more current than the stranded wire.

What is 18 gauge wire used for?

low-voltage lighting
18-gauge are used for low-voltage lighting and lamp cords in 10 amps. 16-gauge are used for light-duty extension cords supporting 13 amps. 14-gauge are usedfor light fixtures, lamps, lighting circuits with 15 amps.

What is a 18 gauge wire?

AWG stands for American wire gauge. It relates to the diameter of the wire. The more current capacity it can carry, the lower the AWG. A thicker 16AWG can carry 13 Amps, but a thinner 18AWG can only carry 10 Amps.

Does Nest need RC and RH?

The Nest Thermostat E only has an R connector, which is typically where an R wire would go. If you have separate heating and air conditioning systems, you might have separate Rh and Rc wires that come out of the wall and are connected to your system.

Does my heat pump use O or B wire?

If you have a heat pump and your thermostat doesn’t have a separate wire labeled O, then the wire labeled B should be connected to the Nest thermostat’s O/B connector.