What is a ad hoc posse?

With our powerful POSSE Ad-Hoc reporting module, managers can see real-time graphic views into the performance of their department. POSSE Ad-Hoc uses an intuitive point-and-click interface for rapid report creation and display.

What does adhoc stand for Military?

Ad hoc is defined as something that is done for a special need. Forming an army to deal with an invasion is an example of forming an army ad hoc. adverb. 1. For a special case only, without general application.

What is a posse?

posse • \PAH-see\ • noun. 1 : a large group often with a common interest 2 : a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency 3 : a group of people temporarily organized to make a search (as for a lost child) 4 : one’s attendants or associates.

How do you define hoc?

A higher-order component (HOC) is an advanced technique in React for reusing component logic. HOCs are not part of the React API, per se. They are a pattern that emerges from React’s compositional nature. Concretely, a higher-order component is a function that takes a component and returns a new component.

What does adhoc mean in work?

An ad-hoc project is used to describe work that has been formed or used for a special and immediate purpose, without previous planning.

What are adhoc committees?

Ad Hoc Committees An ad hoc committee is generally understood to be temporary in nature. The Executive Committee and/or full Board establishes an ad hoc committee to perform a specific issue or project task. Once the task is completed, the committee disbands.

How do you use ad hoc?

Adjective The mayor appointed an ad hoc committee to study the project. We had to make some ad hoc changes to the plans. We’ll hire more staff on an ad hoc basis. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘ad hoc.

What’s another word for posse?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for posse, like: gang, vigilantes, band, civilian police, force armed with legal authority, group of deputies, police-force, law, police, (colloq.) crowd and throng.

How many people form a posse?

Persistent Posse’s are effectively clans, although they can still only have up to seven players in total. You can name them, choose their camp locations and sizes, and even undertake activities within your posse like deathmatches between member players.

Why do we use Hoc?

A HOC is used to compose components for code reuse. A HOC is a pure function. That means it has no side effects. It only returns a new component.

What is the use of HOC?

The purpose of a HOC is to enhance a component (usually a dumb component) with extra functionality. A HOC allows for reusability since in real-life applications there is a need to re-use the same functionalities in various similar kinds of components. A very common functionality is toggling.

What is an ad hoc team?

Ad hoc teams are more dedicated to a specific project or outcome than traditional teams. Ad hoc teams typically achieve their original goals and disband quickly. Oftentimes ad hoc teams are cross functional in nature and can include varying perspectives.