What is a firkin for beer?

A firkin is a unit of measure equivalent to one quarter of a barrel, 72 pints, or 9 imperial gallons. Firkin is also the name for the type of keg that houses cask conditioned ale, or beer that has been naturally fermented and carbonated by its resident yeast.

How does a firkin work?

Firkin: A small cask or barrel-shaped container for holding, conditioning and serving beer; roughly 41 liters. Beer from the firkin is unfiltered, unpasteurized and served without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure, meaning it is less carbonated and smoother than beer from the tap.

What is a firkin tap?

Technically, a Firkin is a specific size of a cask. It is 1/4 barrel or 10.8 gallons. There are other sizes as well Pin (5.4 gallons) and Kilderkin (21.6 gallons).

How much beer is in a firkin?

72 pint
A firkin is a 72 pint metal cask. Most pubs take their draught beer in firkins. To serve from a firkin, you will need: a tap, a spile.

What does a firkin look like?

Firkin. A Firkin, unlike a bucket or a pail, has its roots as a specific quantifiable English measure. A firkin, generally, is a liquid measure consisting of a quarter of a barrel or eight gallons.

How much liquid is in a firkin?

How Many Beers Is A Firkin? As a unit of measurement, a firkin equals nine imperial gallons, or 10 gallons. The beer can be divided into approximately 86 pints of 16 ounces each.

What is a firkin in the UK?

A Firkin is a cask used by British brewers for delivery of cask-conditioned beer to the pub. A firkin holds a quarter of a barrel (9 Imperial gal; 10.8 US gal, 41 l). A firkin was originally coopered from wooden staves bound with iron hoops, but is now more commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum.

How long after venting can you tap a barrel?

Condition it Right Allow the cask to condition for up to 10 days after venting (if you can), this will allow for the rich aromas and deepest flavours to develop. The longer you can leave a cask (up to 10 days) the better it will develop and taste.

What are the 4 most common problems with beer?

WILD BEER: Beer, when drawn, is all foam, or too much foam and not enough liquid beer

  • Beer temperature is too warm.
  • CO2 pressure is set too high.
  • Faucet in bad, dirty, or worn condition.
  • Kinks, twists or other obstructions in the beer hose.
  • Beer drawn improperly.

Why is it called a firkin?

A firkin is a unit of volume or mass used in several situations. Its etymology is likely to be from the Middle English ferdekyn, probably from the Middle Dutch diminutive of vierde ‘fourth’ (a firkin originally contained a quarter of a barrel). Firkin also describes a small wooden cask or tub for butter, lard, etc.

How long does a firkin last?

So long as it is stored at cellar temperature around 11C, and the cask is not tapped an average strength ale will last about 6 weeks; but once it is tapped it should ideally be drunk in 3 – 7 days. In a polypin, at cellar temperature, it should last for a week to 14 days.