What is a sentence for marginalized?

Marginalized sentence example Women either play a secondary role or are completely marginalized . All community participants were from economically marginalized sections of society. This is likely to make the party even more paranoid about being marginalized .

What are some synonyms for marginalized?

synonyms for marginalize

  • criticize.
  • demean.
  • deprecate.
  • diminish.
  • disparage.
  • belittle.
  • depreciate.
  • dismiss.

What are examples of marginalization?

Examples of marginalization Denying professional opportunities because of aspects of someone’s identity (racism, sexism, ableism) Not providing equal access to resources because of someone’s identity. Derogatory language or bullying. Assuming someone got where they are only because they “check a diversity box”

What does marginalized person mean?

Marginalized populations are groups and communities that experience discrimination and exclusion (social, political and economic) because of unequal power relationships across economic, political, social and cultural dimensions.

What is marginalisation simple words?

Definition of marginalize : to relegate (see relegate sense 2) to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group We are protesting policies that marginalize women.

What is Marginalised group?

Marginalised groups have been defined as ‘populations outside of “mainstream society”’ [19] and ‘highly vulnerable populations that are systemically excluded from national or international policy making forums’ [20].

What is another word for marginalized group?

Among the most popular phrases currently used to describe groups that have been historically underserved based on their race is “People of Color.” Another common term used to describe these groups is “minorities.” One intention behind using these terms is to emphasize the overlapping or shared experiences with …

Can marginalized feel?

Marginalization can negatively impact individuals’ physical, psychological and emotional health. Some — but not all — of these consequences may include feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, depression, self-blame, sadness, stress and isolation.

How are students marginalized?

Marginalization of Students The marginalization of a student may be due to cultural differences, knowledge gaps, and socioeconomic status, which result in the need for supplemental support within education learning environments.

How can people be marginalized?

People can be marginalised due to multiple factors; sexual orientation, gender, geography, ethnicity, religion, displacement, conflict or disability. Poverty is both a consequence and a cause of being marginalised.

What is marginalized family?

Marginalized families are families who face special challenges and whose voices are typically not heard in the policyrnaking process.

Is marginalized an adjective?

—marginalized adjective —marginalization /ˌmɑːdʒənəlaɪˈzeɪʃən $ ˌmɑːrdʒənələ-/ noun [uncountable]→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusmarginalize• Year after year, the political system further marginalizes average citizens while empowering those with money.