What is A31 in ADT?

An A31 event can be used to update person information on an MPI. It is similar to an A08 (update patient information) event, but an A08 (update patient information) event should be used to update patient information for a current episode.

What is the code of event pre admit a patient?

Event A05
5) An A05 event is sent when a patient undergoes the pre-admission process. During this process, episode-related data is collected in preparation for a patient’s visit or stay in a healthcare facility.

What is ADT A40?

An A40 event is used to signal a merge of records for a patient that was incorrectly filed under two different identifiers.

What is ADT A04?

An A04 event signals that the patient has arrived or checked in as a one-time, or recurring outpatient, and is not assigned to a bed. One example might be its use to signal the beginning of a visit to the Emergency Room (= Casualty, etc.).

What does K31 mean on a military pension?

• 31 = Retiree (Length of Service) • 41 = Family Member of AD • 43 = Family Member of Retiree • K53 = DoD Civilian Employee • K57 = DoD Contractor • K61 = VA Sharing Agreement • K83 = Secretarial Designee • K92 A = Civilian Emergency 19 Unusual PATCATs • Supernumeraries (53 U) are SECDEF Designees…and they include:

What does A11 mean in a patcat code?

in a PATCAT code • Correct placement of all four positions is critical for billing A11 = USA ACTIVE DUTY K53 = OTHER FED AGENCY/DEPT EMPLOYEE A11 A = USA ACTIVE DUTY OFFICER

What is a patient category (patcat)?

3 • What is a Patient Category (PATCAT) code? • PATCAT Codes are closely linked to a patient’s entitlement • A code to determine whether a patient is billable and what type of billing is appropriate for each episode of care • Basic code covers a ‘category ’ of interest • Sub-categories segment the group • Four is the

How many patient relationship categories are there in the operational list?

There are five patient relationship categories in the operational list, which are operationalized through Level II HCPCS modifier codes. Continuous/ Broad Services X1 Continuous/ Focused Services X2 Episodic/ Broad Services