What is AAM in VMware?

In vSphere 5.0, the FDM replaced the Legato Automated Availability Manager (AAM). The FDM agent runs on ESXi hosts and communicates with the other hosts in the cluster with regard to available resources and the state of running virtual machines.

What is AAM in Ha?

VMware HA in vSphere 4.x has AAM (Automated Availability Manager) agents. VMware HA in vSphere 5.x has FDM (Fault Domain Manager) agents installed. Cluster Members. The first five hosts added to the cluster are designated as primary hosts, and all subsequent hosts are designated as secondary hosts.

How do I find VMware logs?

From the vSphere Web Client home, click Log Browser. Click the View tab. Select an object (ESXi host or vCenter Server) to view its logs. Open a new browser window by selecting Actions > New Browser Window and select another object to view its logs.

How do I use VMware logs?

Right click vCenter Server instance and click Actions > Export System Logs…. Click Select hosts to put selected host logs into an export bundle. Check Include vCenter Server and vSphere UI Client logs to optionally include vCenter Server and vSphere UI logs in the bundle. Click NEXT.

What is PSC in VMware?

Platform Services Controller (PSC) is a component of the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite. PSC deals with identity management for administrators and applications that interact with the vSphere platform.

What is HA agent in VMware?

VMware HA continuously monitors all servers in a resource pool and detects server failures. An agent placed on each server main- tains a “heartbeat” with the other servers in the resource pool and a loss of “heartbeat” initiates the restart process of all affected virtual machines on other servers.

What is DRS in VMware?

VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS) is the resource scheduling and load balancing solution for vSphere. DRS works on a cluster of ESXi hosts and provides resource management capabilities like load balancing and virtual machine (VM) placement.

How do I get VM support logs?

How to Gather a vm-support

  1. Confirm that log bundle is created with the name displayed at the command execution.
  2. Log in to the ESXi host using the SCP, copy the created vm-support log bundle to your machine.
  3. Send the copied vm-support log bundle to Dell Technical Support.

How do I download VMware logs?


  1. In the inventory, navigate to a vCenter Server instance, and click the Monitor tab.
  2. Click System Logs.
  3. Click Export System Logs.
  4. If you are connected to vCenter Server, select the object for which you want to export data.

What are VMware log files?

vCenter Server agent log. /var/log/vpxa.log. Contains information about the agent that communicates with vCenter Server (if the host is managed by vCenter Server). Virtual machines. The same directory as the affected virtual machine’s configuration files, named vmware.log and vmware*.log.

Where are VMware logs stored?

virtual machine folder
The vmware. log file is located in virtual machine folder along with the vmx file.

What is use of PSC in vCenter?

VMware Platform Services Controller (PSC) is a new service in vSphere 6 that handles the infrastructure security functions such as vCenter Single Sign-On, licensing, certificate management and server reservation.