What is an associate category manager?

What is an Associate Category Manager. As an associate category manager, you will place an order to suppliers noting the products you need for a store and for storing in a warehouse. You will set up different categories and select products for each category to be showcased.

How much do Walgreens shift managers make?

The typical Walgreens Shift Manager salary is $15 per hour. Shift Manager salaries at Walgreens can range from $12 – $22 per hour.

How much does an RXOM make at Walgreens?

Walgreens’ Operations Manager compensation is $10,451 more than the US average for a Operations Manager. Operations Manager salaries at Walgreens can range from $53,000 – $170,400.

What does a Walmart category manager do?

Responsible for developing, optimizing & maintaining planograms for shopability, space to sales, capacity and GMROII utilizing JDA ProSpace and other applicable tools and research. Identify and measure promotional & competitive activities.

What does an associate product manager do?

An associate product manager supports the work of product managers by conducting market research, gathering quantitative product data, and analyzing customer research to help product managers work more efficiently and effectively.

How often do you get raises at Walgreens?

once a year
You get a raise once a year. If you get a 3.5 or higher on your review you get a raise.

What is a shift lead at Walgreens?

Responsible for keeping the store keys for the opening and closing of store without management when necessary. Coaches and aids the other team members to work with the warehouse and vendor ordering process as orders are created, reviewed, and received, which includes opening the backdoor for vendor deliveries.

What is RXOM position in Walgreens?

Pharmacy team members: Experienced pharmacy team members (pharmacists, technicians and senior technicians) will help train you and serve as someone you can go to with questions and guidance on how things are done at Walgreens.

How long does it take to go from APM to PM?

You may have to spend 1 -3 years working as an APM before being promoted to a full product manager. Product managers are the first point of contact for anyone at the company if they need to know more about the product.

How do you become APM?

How to become a project manager

  1. Apprenticeships for on-the-job learning and development so you can “earn while you learn”.
  2. APM-accredited degrees that build your project knowledge at university.
  3. APM’s professional qualifications that clearly demonstrate your technical knowledge to employers.

How long does it take to become a store manager at Walgreens?

Bachelor’s degree and 3 years retail management experience or High School Diploma/GED and 5 years of retail management experience. Licensed pharmacy technician as required by state or licensed Rph as soon as possible given state law requirements, no later than 12 months from Store Manager position start date).