What is DP and PA?

There are two flavors of PROFIBUS: PROFIBUS Decentralized Peripherals (DP) and Process Automation (PA). Each type targets different applications. PROFIBUS PA is used in process automation. The physical layer of PROFIBUS PA is Manchester Encoded Bus Powered (MBP), and the physical layer for PROFIBUS DP is RS-485.

What type of fieldbus is Profibus DP PA?

Profibus PA is a master-slave protocol. A field device is a slave that can only respond to a command from a master.

What is DP and PA in PROFIBUS?

PROFIBUS PA is a variant of PROFIBUS DP that is specially designed for improvement and replacement of conventional systems such as 4-20 mA and HART in process automation. In contrast to PROFIBUS DP, data and power supply are transported over the same two wires and there is an explosion proof option available.

What is the meaning of PROFIBUS PA?

PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation) is used to monitor measuring equipment via a process control system in process automation applications. This variant is designed for use in explosion/hazardous areas (Ex-zone 0 and 1).

What is the difference between Fieldbus and Profibus?

Difference between Fieldbus and Profibus. The short answer is: although both “buses” are very similar, they are not the same! Here is what’s different: PROFIBUS is the overall name for a process fieldbus solution that includes the application and industry-specific PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET, and PROFIsafe.

What is the difference between Profibus DP and PA?

PROFIBUS PA is part of the popular PROFIBUS family of protocols. Data formats are the same as in PROFIBUS DP making it easy to integrate devices on both networks seamlessly and transparently.

What is PROFIBUS PA (process automation)?

PROFIBUS PA (process automation) is defined in the IEC 61158-2 standard and used predominantly in process plants.