What is Grade 1026?

SAE 1026 / AISI 1026 / GRADE 1026….1026 ASTM A519 Steel Rectangular Tubing Mechanical Properties Chart.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 490 MPa 71100 psi
Yield strength 415 MPa 60200 psi
Bulk modulus (typical for steel) 140 GPa 20300 ksi
Shear modulus (typical for steel) 80.0 GPa 11600 ksi

Can you weld 1026 steel?

AISI 1026 has a simple chemical structure and is easy to weld using most modern welding processes such as MIG and TIG welding.

What is the yield strength of ASTM A519 chemical composition?

Ok let’s start with ASTM A519 chemical composition. P max. S max. Learn more about chemical composition. 90 ksi (621 MPa) min. But non mandatory Learn more about what is yield strength . 120 ksi (855 MPa) min.

What is the difference between ASTM A519 grade 1020 and grade 1026?

In comparison to grade 1020, the ASTM A519 1026 Steel Chromoly Tubing is normally those tubes where the OD is larger than 2 inches and wall thicknesses for these A519 gr 1026 Seamless Steel Tubing is generally heavier than 156″. The ASTM A519 Grade 1026 tube is usually manufactured by hot working steel.

What size is ASTM A519 tubing?

ASTM A519 covers both seamless hot-finished mechanical tubing and seamless cold-finished mechanical tubing in sizes up to and including 12 3⁄4 in. (323.8 mm) outside diameter for round tubes with wall thicknesses as required. Standard: ASTM A519 / ASME SA 519.

What is ASTM A519 1026 chrome alloy steel HF SMLS tubing?

The hot worked steel manufactured under this specification could either be carbon steel or this process could be used to make the ASTM A519 1026 Chrome Alloy Steel Hf Smls Tubing. If necessary, the Chrome Moly Steel ASTM A519 1026 Boiler Tubing could be subsequently cold finished by hot working the tubular product.