What is Maidstone famous for?

The town of Maidstone is still a major agricultural market centre, situated in the heart of orchard country and the largest hops-growing area in England; among its industries, brewing and malting and the manufacture of agricultural implements are prominent, but the chief modern manufacture is paper.

Is Maidstone a good place to live?

Picturesque, charming and historic, the county town of Kent is the home of families, retirees and commuters alike. Maidstone’s combination of rural riverside living and modern amenities makes it a desirable place to live in South West England, particularly for residents commuting to London.

Is Maidstone classed as London?

Maidstone is the largest town in Kent, England, of which it is the county town. Maidstone is historically important and lies 32 miles (51 km) east-south-east of London….

Population 120,425 (2020)
OS grid reference TQ759556
• London 32 miles (51 km)
District Maidstone

Is Maidstone UK safe?

Maidstone is the third safest major town in Kent, and is the 42nd most dangerous overall out of Kent’s 333 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Maidstone in 2021 was 91 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Kent posh?

In case you haven’t heard of it, Kent is the county just south of London, full of fields and peak rural views. A lot of people tend to group it with London, but it’s a far cry from the Big Smoke. It’s posher, has less pollution and no tube stations. So, how do you know if you’re in the presence of a Kentish creature?

What is the population of Maidstone?

Maidstone has the largest population of all Kent local authority districts with a population of 173,100 in mid- 2020 whilst Gravesham has the smallest population with 106,900 people.

Is Maidstone a cheap place to live?

Maidstone is 3% cheaper than London, while offering many of the transport benefits. On average, a single person’s estimated monthly costs are £779* – not including rent. A family of four can expect to pay around £2,751, again not including rent. This covers many expenses, such as utility bills and food shopping.

Is Maidstone rich?

MAIDSTONE has been named as a top value-for-money town, for people looking to live the good life, without breaking the bank. The County Town has been ranked second in an “Affordable Affluence” survey, commissioned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Is Maidstone in East or West Kent?

Kent is traditionally divided into East Kent and West Kent by the River Medway. However, some towns, such as the Medway Towns – Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham (although Rainham was annexed from Swale, and is thus considered part of East Kent) and Maidstone – lie on the east / south bank of the river.

How many houses are there in Maidstone?

With 64,940 Maidstone has the greatest number of dwellings in the County, Maidstone has a higher than average percent of semi detached dwelling (35.65% of the total housing stock, compared with 31.99% respectively), and fewer terraced houses (only 23.93% while the KCC area has 25.73%).

Is Maidstone beautiful?

Situated in the heart of the Garden of England, Maidstone encompasses the county town of Kent, charming villages and beautiful countryside. The jewel in its crown is the not-to-be-missed, magnificent Leeds Castle but there’s a wealth of other attractions to discover too.

Where do millionaires live in UK?

There are many wealthy neighborhoods in London. Knightsbridge and the City of Westminster are among the wealthiest.

Where is Maidstone?

Maidstone is the largest town in Kent, England, of which it is the county town. Maidstone is historically important and lies 32 miles (51 km) east-south-east of London.

Who is the MP for Maidstone?

Before 1997 Maidstone was in the county constituency of Maidstone. The Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidstone and the Weald is Conservative Helen Grant. Previous MPs include Ann Widdecombe, Sir John Wells, Sir Alfred Bossom and Benjamin Disraeli.

What are the wards of Maidstone?

The town is the main town of Maidstone borough, which includes the surrounding rural areas except to the north-west. The town is divided into the 12 local government wards of Allington, Bridge, Downswood and Otham, East, Fant, Heath, High Street, Park Wood, Shepway North, Shepway South, South, and North.

What happened to Maidstone’s old constituency?

The remaining two-thirds of the electorate in west-central Maidstone were reunited with the town wards that had been lost in 1983 to Mid Kent (which was abolished), as well as joined by a rural part of the Weald to the south of the town, previously in the Tunbridge Wells constituency.