What is NM 4T?

The NM-4T Cisco network module has four synchronous serial interfaces, and supports a total full-duplex throughput of 8 megabits per second (Mbps), which can be realized over one port (at 8Mb/s) or across all four ports (at 2Mb/s on each port).

What is NM 4E?

QTY: Overview: The NM-4E Cisco module offers four RJ45 10M Ethernet ports.

What is NM 1FE TX?

Cisco NM-1FE-TX Fast Ethernet Network Module Genuine offers a single auto sensing 10/100TX connection with the use of an RJ-45 Connector (not included). The NM 1FE TX is used to interface to the Cisco 3600 and 3700 series routers.

What is WIC 1T?

The 1−port serial WAN interface card (WIC−1T) provides serial connections to remote sites or legacy serial network devices such as Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) concentrators, alarm systems, and packet over SONET (POS) devices.

What is WIC module in router?

A WAN interface card, or “WIC” is a type of specialized network interface controller card (NIC) made by Cisco that allows a network device such as a router to connect and transmit data over a wide area network.

What is PT router?

The matrix based PT (Public Transport) router reads a list of PT stops, and constructs “tele- ported” PT routes using the stops nearest to origin and destination.

What is switch PT?

On a network switch, the switch port is the physical opening where a data cable can be plugged in. Generally, switch ports are rectangular on three sides with a V-shaped point on either the top or the bottom. A network administrator can configure each port in a managed switch to create a complex VLAN.

What is ISR router?

An IP router, ISR router, or network router, is a networking device that forwards information between digital networks. The acronym “ISR” stands for integrated service router. The acronym “IP” stands for Internet Protocol, the de facto standard for modern network communication.

What is difference between ASR and ISR router?

The biggest difference between Cisco ASR and ISR routers is that ASR routers are for enterprises and service providers, whereas ISR are for customers with small- or medium-sized networks.

What is Cisco ASR and ISR?

1. Cisco ISR: (integrated Service Routers): typically used as internet edge forcustomers with small/medium networks. 2. Cisco ASR (Aggregation Services Routers): typically used as internet edge forenterprise networks and service providers.

What is a modular switch?

Modular switches are modern switches, which can be found in any home, office, or commercial premises. They have a number of advantages over conventional non-modular electrical switches. The main features that distinguish them from traditional ones are aesthetics and ease of use.