What is polyglot savant?

Abstract. We report on the case of a polyglot savant (Christopher) who has a remarkable talent for learning and translating languages.

Is there such thing as language savant?

Most persons with savant syndrome have impoverished language skills as part of their basic disability, while musical, artistic, mathematical or mechanical skills flourish as particular islands of genius.

How many languages are needed for a Hyperpolyglot?

We consider a polyglot to be fluent in more than three languages, whereas a hyperpolyglot is a person who is proficient in at least twelve languages. Hyperpolyglots are extraordinary language-learners.

Is Christopher A savant?

Christopher is a savant, someone with an island of startling talent in a sea of inability.

What does being a savant mean?

a person of learning
Definition of savant 1 : a person of learning especially : one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field (as of science or literature)

Is savant a syndrome?

Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which persons with various developmental disorders, including autistic disorder, have an amazing ability and talent. The condition can be congenital (genetic or inborn), or can be acquired later in childhood, or even in adults.

Who is the youngest polyglot?

One incredible student, 16-year-old Timothy Doner, is the world’s youngest polyglot, putting all our of language-learning skills to shame.

Are polyglots intelligent?

Myth 1: Polyglots Are Naturally Gifted at Languages and Pick Them up with Ease. This is the myth I hear the most. The idea that polyglots have a unique, “genius level” mental gift, or are genetically predisposed with a “language gene” is incredibly common.

Are Aspergers curious?

Aspergians do try to make friends, but they are often either temporarily successful or completely unsuccessful due to their lack of social skills. In the end, they sometimes display a lack of interest or even curiosity for the discussions, thoughts, and opinions of the people they temporarily befriend.

Does Christopher have Aspergers?

Even though this novel does not directly reference autism, the book’s back cover originally described Christopher as someone with Asperger’s. Mark Haddon also admitted on a blog post that he did not do any research on autism, which is why there has been so much criticism towards the book.

What is the IQ of a savant?

Miller (1999), in a review of studies providing more detailed IQ information, reported that the mean overall IQ/IQ estimate for the savants with autism was 71 (range 40–99), mean verbal IQ 77 (range 52–114) and mean non-verbal IQ 75 (range 47–92).

What are the six skills that are characteristic of a savant?

Savant abilities and/or splinter skills, may be exhibited in the following skill areas or domains: memory; hyperlexia (the exceptional ability to read, spell and write); art; music; mechanical or spatial skill; calendar calculation; mathematical calculation; sensory sensitivity; athletic performance; and computer …