What is Scott Stricklin salary?

US$1.076 million
Scott Stricklin (athletic director)

Current position
Conference SEC
Annual salary US$1.076 million
Biographical details
Born May 8, 1970 Jackson, Mississippi

Who is the AD at Florida?

Scott Stricklin
Stricklin brings more than 28 years of experience in intercollegiate athletics to Florida, including 23 years at Southeastern Conference schools. Scott Stricklin has been named Athletic Director at the University of Florida, UF President Dr.

How many people hired Billy Napier?

Analysts say the drop was largely due to Billy Napier hiring approximately 82,466 people to work for Florida’s football program. That’s a slight exaggeration, though the Gators’ coach wasn’t sure how many people he’s brought in since he was hired six weeks ago.

Who is athletic director at UF?

University Athletic Association

Name Title Email Address
Scott Stricklin Athletic Director [email protected]
Jeremy Foley AD/Emeritus [email protected]
Chip Howard Executive Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs [email protected]

Who is the highest paid athletic director?

Texas AD Chris Del Conte had the highest contract in 2020-21 at $2.4 million, according to the AthleticDirectorU data. Former Northwestern AD Jim Phillips ($2.3M) ranked second, followed by Arizona State’s Ray Anderson ($2.1M) and Oklahoma’s Joe Castiglione ($2M).

How much does the University of Florida athletic director make?

Florida Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin signed a three-year contract extension with the University of Florida on July 22, 2021, that included a base salary increase of $545,900 from about $1.151 million to $1.725 million, according to Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports.

Who hired Scott Stricklin?

Florida Gators AD Scott Stricklin receives contract extension, $500,000 raise. UF hired Strickin from Mississippi State in 2016. Florida Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin received a raise of almost $600,000 and a three-year extension that runs through October 2027.

Where did Billy Napier come from?

Napier grew up in Chatsworth, Georgia, and graduated from Murray County High School in 1998. He is married to the former Ali Gunn and the couple has a daughter, Annie, and sons, Sammy Nelson and Charlie. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in health & exercise science from Furman in 2002.

Who is the youngest athletic director?

Thomas M. Evans, announced on June, 15, 2020 that interim Athletic Director Richard Duran was elevated to the permanent role of athletic director. In his new role, Duran becomes the youngest sitting Division I athletic director.

Who is Jen Cohen married to?

Bill Cohen
Family. Cohen is married to Bill Cohen. They are the parents of two sons, Tyson and Dylan.