What is Sidra Qatar?

Sidra Medicine is a tertiary healthcare and research hospital located in Qatar. Our team includes highly skilled, multidisciplinary medical professionals and researchers from around the world, committed to innovating medical science locally and around the world.

Is Sidra a government hospital?

Yes. Sidra Medicine is a private hospital and charges for all clinical services.

Is Sidra Under Qatar Foundation?

Based in Education City and as an entity of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), Sidra Medicine is part of a dynamic research and education environment.

Who made Sidra hospital?

One of the most ambitious greenfield hospital developments of its kind, Sidra Medicine represents the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser to develop the region’s leading academic medical center and provide healthcare of the highest global standards to the people of Qatar and beyond.

When did Sidra hospital open?

January 2006
Sidra Medicine is a 400-bed women’s and children’s hospital, medical education and biomedical research center in Doha, Qatar. The hospital first opened its outpatient facility in 2016, followed by its inpatient hospital in January 2018….Sidra Medical and Research Center.

Sidra Medicine
Opened January 2006
Website http://www.sidra.org/

How do I order medicine from Sidra?

To place an order online please visit the Sidra website, Patient and Visitors tab and click on the Patient Supply Store Refill Request link under the After Your Visit section. Link is also available at the bottom of our website sidra.org. You will be contacted when your items are ready for collection.

What is the best hospital in Qatar?

20 Best Hospitals in Qatar For Your Heath Problems

  • Al Emadi Hospital, Doha.
  • Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre.
  • Doha Clinic Hospital.
  • Surgical Specialty Center – Hamad Medical Corporation Hospitals.
  • Al Ahmadani Medical Centre, Doha.
  • Aster Hospital, Doha.
  • Al-Khor Hospital, Doha.
  • Turkish Hospital, Doha.

How much are doctors paid in Qatar?

Doctors- For doctors, the average monthly compensation abundantly depends on their specialization and experience. While a General Physician can earn QAR 10,000 (Rs. 198,000) to QAR 18,000 (Rs. 350,000), specialists like Paediatricians, Neurologists, Cardiologists, and Obstetricians can earn from QAR 12,000 (Rs.

What is Sidra tree?

The Sidra has grown in the deserts of Qatar for generations. With roots that reach deep into the earth, fruit and flowers that nourish and leaves that heal, the Sidra became a beacon of comfort in the harsh desert environment, allowing life to flourish.

How many hospitals are there in Qatar?

As of 2019 there were six private hospitals in the country and more than 200 private polyclinics, as well as a range of clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and medical centres.

What’s the name of the hospital in Qatar?

Al Emadi Hospital Doha, Qatar was established in 2004 by prominent surgeon Dr Mohamed Al Emadi as a private, acute care, general (medical/surgical) hospital whose mission is to deliver comprehensive medical services and healthcare, guided by the highest international standards.

How many Hamad hospitals are there in Qatar?

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), established by Emiri decree in 1979, is Qatar’s premier not-for-profit health care provider. Located in the State of Qatar, HMC manages nine hospitals and operates both the national ambulance service and a home healthcare service.

What is the Sidra Medical Center in Qatar?

The high tech facility will not only provide world class patient care but will help build Qatar’s scientific expertise and resources. Sidra will be funded by a US$7.9 billion endowment from Qatar Foundation, the largest endowment of a medical and research center anywhere in the world.

What happens in the Sidra Medicine Children’s emergency department?

Children arriving to the Sidra Medicine Children’s Emergency Department will be assessed by experienced medical staff to determine the level of emergency and appropriate care options – immediate emergency care or urgent care. In case of emergency, call 999

Who is the gynecologist at Sidra Medicine?

About Rudaina Dr. Rudaina is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Sidra Medicine. She has contributed to the leadership and development of the private model of care for women at Sidra.… About the Physician Dr. Johnny Awwad has 25 years of experience as a Fertility Consultant.

How do I contact Sidra for recruitment?

We are looking for dedicated and skilled professionals to join our team. If you have a query relating to a specific vacancy please contact us at [email protected] including the job title and job reference number in the subject line.