What is the best Minecraft seed for Pocket Edition?

Here are the best Minecraft PE seeds:

  • Rocky Mountain Village.
  • Village Island.
  • Desert Cliffs.
  • Hillside Village Stronghold.
  • Fast Loot.
  • Panda Watching.
  • Underwater Shipwreck.
  • Desert Temple Loot.

What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft PE?

Vertical Desert Village Seed in Minecraft PE But this seed brings you a vertical, multi-level desert village, and it is one of the most luckiest seeds in Minecraft PE.

What is the best seed in Minecraft 1.17 pe?

15 Best Minecraft 1.17 Seeds

  • Ocean Monument with an Amethyst Geode.
  • Rare Biomes.
  • Coastal Village with Docked Ship.
  • The Speedrun Seed. Picture: Dexerto.
  • Mushroom Island With a Woodland Mansion.
  • Hill Taiga Village.
  • Suspicious Lake.
  • Scattered Islands Seed. Picture: Sportskeeda.

What is the best seed for Minecraft 1.18 in PE?

List 17 Best PE Seeds 1.16. 5 / 1.17 / 1.18 for Minecraft in 2022 :

  • Mesa So Alone.
  • Stronghold Ravine Village at Spawn.
  • Desert Village Surrounded by Biomes Seed.
  • Double Blacksmith Near Coral Reef Seed.
  • Hillside Savanna Village.
  • Natural Sculpture Seed.
  • Plain and Simple.
  • The Fortress of Solitude.

What are the top 10 seeds in Minecraft?

Best Minecraft Seeds to Explore (Updated April 2022)

  • Weird Desert Village with Fossil.
  • Floating But Not Wrecked Shipwreck.
  • Deadly Seed.
  • No Villages.
  • Exposed Seaside Lush Caves.
  • A World of Ice.
  • Exposed Dripstone Cave.
  • Village Inside Ravine.

What’s a good Minecraft seed?

The best Minecraft seeds are:

  • Coastal Towns.
  • Mooshroom Paradise.
  • Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves.
  • Beautiful Lush Cave.
  • Vertical Island Village.
  • Hillside Village.
  • Biome cluster.
  • Slime Farm.

What is the best 1.18 seed?

Best Minecraft 1.18. 2 Seeds (April 2022)

  • Best Badlands Spawn in Minecraft 1.18.2.
  • Flowering Village in a Snowy Mountain.
  • All Illager Structures Around a Village.
  • Glacier Shipwreck and Open Underwater Cave.
  • Huge Seaside Mountain Range.
  • Glaciers at Spawn and Glitched Shipwreck.
  • Pillager Outpost in a Ditch.

What seed does dream use?

The seed used for the DreamSMP server is: 5826025064014972987. The other seed that Dream is known for is his 1.14 speedrun leaderboard seed. With this seed, he scored a 32-minute long run, making him an official speedrunner.

What is the best seed in Minecraft 2022?

Best Minecraft Seeds to Explore (Updated April 2022)

  • Coral Island Village.
  • A Blacksmith Village, A Regular Village, & A Merged Portal.
  • Stronghold Library in the Ocean.
  • Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed.
  • Zombie Village and Farm Village in Ocean.
  • Survival Island with 3 Villages.
  • Pillager Outpost Seed.

What seed is herobrine in?

Seed: 478868574082066804. Version: Java Alpha 1.0.

What is Dream’s SMP code?

Use invite code: DCP7gHnKThE.

What is the 666 seed in Minecraft?

In Minecraft it is said that the seed 666 is cursed and inclined with the devil himself. Yesterday I got in the game with always day and creative cuz I was a bit scared?. I heard that the players who play in the world afterwards become more paranoid and have phobias they never had before.