What is the difference between Shia and Alawite?

Alawites follow the Shiite interpretation, claiming that succession should have been based on bloodlines. According to Shiite Islam, Muhammad’s only true heir was his son-in-law Ali bin Abu Talib. But Alawites go a step further in the veneration of Imam Ali, allegedly investing him with divine attributes.

What does the Baath party believe in?

The party espoused Baʿathism (from Arabic بعث baʿath meaning “renaissance” or “resurrection”), which is an ideology mixing Arab nationalist, pan-Arabism, Arab socialist, and anti-imperialist interests. Baʿathism calls for unification of the Arab world into a single state.

What is the difference between Alevi and Alawite?

Unlike the Alawite faith, Alevism lacks written traditions and does not emphasize religious practice. An additional key difference between the two nearly eponymous sects is that while the Alawite faith might be considered an offshoot of Shiite Islam, the Alevis are neither Sunnis nor Shiites.

Is baathism socialist?

The core basis of Baathism is Arab socialism, a socialism with Arab characteristics which is not associated with the international socialist movement and pan-Arab ideology. Baathism as developed by Aflaq and Bitar was a unique left-wing Arab-centric ideology.

Can you become an Alawite?

Much of their religion is secret. No one can convert to Alawism: you’re either born an Alawite or forever frozen out of the fold. Sunni and Shia Muslims have always considered the Alawites infidels.

What religion is Druze?

Lebanese Druze (Arabic: دروز لبنان, romanized: durūz lubnān) are Lebanese people who are Druze. The Druze faith is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion, and an ethnoreligious esoteric group originating from the Near East who self identify as unitarians (Arabic: موحدين, romanized: muwaḥḥidīn).

What was Saddam Hussein ideology?

Saddam Hussein was a secularist who rose through the Baath political party to assume a dictatorial presidency. Under his rule, segments of the populace enjoyed the benefits of oil wealth, while those in opposition faced torture and execution.

Is Syria a Baath?

Syria does not belong to the Ba’athists alone.” Since 1970, membership of the Ba’ath Party in Syria expanded dramatically. In 1971, the party had 65,938 members; ten years later it stood at 374,332 and by mid-1992 it was 1,008,243. By mid-1992, over 14 percent of Syrians aged over 14 were members of the party.

Do Alevis believe in the Quran?

Alevis recognize the Quran, but often do not take its imperatives on worship and rite literally. Alawites reportedly believe that the Quran is distorted and that the original Quran is missing — or that their version is the original one. They also conduct their own rituals distinct from other groups.

Can Alevis drink alcohol?

Specifically, the BBC outlined that: [t]he man they worship, Ali, son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed, was slain in a mosque, so they don’t pray in them. Alcohol is not prohibited, and Alawite women don’t cover their heads.

Is Syria socialist?

The Ba’ath platform is proclaimed succinctly in the party’s slogan: “Unity, freedom, and socialism.” The party is both socialist, advocating state ownership of the means of industrial production and the redistribution of agricultural land (in practice, Syria’s nominally socialist economy is effectively a mixed economy.

What do the Alawites believe in?

— Alawites interpret the Pillars of Islam (the five duties required of every Muslim) as symbols rather than duties. They celebrate a group of holidays, some Islamic, some Christian, and many Alawite practices are secret. They consider themselves to be moderate Shi’ites.

What is the meaning of socialism?

so·​cial·​ism | \\ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm \\. 1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

What was socialism in the 20th century?

Socialism in the 20th Century In the 20th century—particularly after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the formation of the Soviet Union—social democracy and communism emerged as the two most dominant socialist movements throughout the world.

Who are the Alawites?

The Alawis, Alawites ( Arabic: علوية Alawīyah ), or Nusayris ( Arabic: نصيرية Nuṣayrīyah) are a Ethnoreligious group and nation which originated from Shia Islam. The Alawites revere Ali (Ali ibn Abi Talib), considered the first Imam of the Twelver school. The group is believed to have been founded by Ibn Nusayr during the 9th century.

What are the intellectual roots of socialism?

The intellectual roots of socialism go back at least as far as ancient Greek times, when the philosopher Plato depicted a type of collective society in his dialog, Republic (360 B.C.). In 16th-century England, Thomas More drew on Platonic ideals for his Utopia, an imaginary island where money has been abolished…