What is the GVWR of a Honda Odyssey?


Front Wheel Size 18.0 x 7.5 in.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 6019 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Range 6001-7000 lbs.
Curb Weight 4398 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity 19.5 gals.

How much can a 2000 Honda Odyssey tow?

2,000 lbs2000 Honda Odyssey / Towing capacity

How many pounds is a Honda Odyssey?

The lightest being the Odyssey LX at 4354 pounds. Just up from there, the EX and the EX-L weigh almost the same at 4440 and 4471 pounds respectively. Honda’s Touring level Odyssey weighs 4564 pounds. Last, at 4593 pounds, is the Odyssey Elite.

How much weight can a Honda Odyssey haul?

We’ve got a piece of trivia that may surprise you: the Honda Odyssey can pull up to 3,500 pounds.

How much does a 2001 Honda Odyssey weigh?

4,233 to 4,288 lbs2001 Honda Odyssey / Curb weight

How much does a 2002 Honda Odyssey weight?

4,299 to 4,376 lbs2002 Honda Odyssey / Curb weight

Can a Honda Odyssey pull a trailer?

The 2019 Honda Odyssey LX, EX, and EX-L trims have the ability to tow up to 3,000 lbs, allowing you to hitch up a small outboard boat or even a tent trailer. From towing a small boat to hauling cargo for the family road trip, the capable and dependable Honda Odyssey can get the job done.

How much can a 2001 Honda Odyssey tow?

2,000 lbs2001 Honda Odyssey / Towing capacity

How much weight can a 2002 Honda Odyssey carry?

1,189 to 1,266 lbs2002 Honda Odyssey / Payload

How much can a 2002 Honda Odyssey tow?

3,500 lbs2002 Honda Odyssey / Towing capacity

What is towing capacity of 2001 Honda Odyssey?

2001 Honda Odyssey Specifications

Towing Capacity (lbs.) 3500 3500
. . .
. . .

How much horsepower does a 2002 Honda Odyssey have?

240 hp2002 Honda Odyssey / Horsepower