What is the painting on the New Order album cover?

A Basket of Roses
The cover is a reproduction of the painting “A Basket of Roses” by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour, which is part of the National Gallery’s permanent collection in London.

What is the image on Joy Division Unknown Pleasures?

In simple terms, the image is a “stacked plot” of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar, a “rotating neutron star”. Originally named CP 1919, the pulsar was discovered in November 1967 by student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish at Cambridge University.

Which is better Joy Division or New Order?

New Order is not necessarily better than Joy Division, but New Order does have a much larger catalog of music, a wider variety of musical styles, and have grown to be outstanding live performers while Joy Division, like early New Order, were often not great live.

Who painted the New Order cover?

Peter Saville
Peter Saville is a graphic designer known predominantly for his edgy work for the music and fashion industries. Saville’s career began in the late 1970s in Manchester, England, at the nascent Factory Records, an independent label that went on to establish rock bands like Joy Division and New Order.

Who designed the Blue Monday cover?

The single’s unique packaging was designed by Peter Saville and Brett Wickens. It features a die-cut sleeve designed to resemble a 51⁄4-inch floppy disk. The front cover features no words, but instead has code in the form of coloured blocks that reads out the artist, song, and label information, once deciphered.

Who designed the Joy Division album cover?

artist Peter Saville
Regarded as one of the most iconic album covers ever, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures is one of the most identifiable pieces of graphic design art ever and a fine example of the groundbreaking designs from Factory Record’s album cover catalogue designed by British artist Peter Saville.

Who is on the cover of Low Life album?

keyboardist Stephen Morris
The CD comes packaged with drummer/keyboardist Stephen Morris on the front cover, while inside the case are four photographs and a semi-transparent piece of paper with the band’s name, allowing the owners to choose which band member is seen through the sleeve.

What is the most depressing day of the year 2021?

Taking place on the third Monday of January – which this year falls on January 18 2021 – Blue Monday is supposedly the saddest day of the year, due to a combination of bad weather, long nights and the lingering aftermath of the festive glut. The idea of Blue Monday was first conceived by Dr.