What is the point of Kadoatery?

The Kadoatery is a place where 20 kadoaties are left behind by their owners who are on holiday. They are all very sad, and the only way to make them happy is by feeding them the item they are asking for. In return for feeding a kadoatie you will get a trophy (depending on how many kadoaties you’ve fed).

How do I get a Kadoatie?

The Kadoatie is a Petpet available here or from the Trading Post for around 7,000,000NP. You can learn to draw the Kadoatie here. You can buy real-life Kadoatie Plushies in either Red, or a Mini White.

How do you feed kads?

To feed Kads, you will need to use the Kadoatery times board (found in the Games Chat). It will help to be familiar with the terminology when reading the board. Kad: Short for Kadoatie. RS: Restock.

Can you paint a birthday Kadoatie?

The Birthday Kadoatie is not paintable.

Can you repaint Petpets?

You can not paint Petpets in your inventory. Visit the puddle, select the paint brush you wish to use, and hit Paint this Petpet. Voila!

How can I get my petpet birthday?

How to Obtain. So far, the only way to obtain a Birthday Petpet is through the Lab Ray or by opening the Birthday Goodie Bags and these cannot be painted.

Can I paint a zapped petpet?

Any Petpet that has been zapped using the Petpet Lab Ray cannot be painted, though this is only if they have had a change of colour or species.

How do I get a birthday petpet?

Can you repaint a petpet?

To paint your Petpet, you need a Petpet Paint Brush, and a Petpet attached to your pet that you wish to paint. You can not paint Petpets in your inventory. Visit the puddle, select the paint brush you wish to use, and hit Paint this Petpet. Voila!

Can you paint birthday Kadoatie?

Where can I buy petpet paintbrushes?

To paint your Petpet you will need a special Petpet Paint Brush. You can be awarded these brushes through random events and occasionally from the Alien Vending Machine, although both are rare; the most common method of acquiring one is to buy them off other users through the Shop Wizard or via the Trading Post.

Can you paint zapped Petpets?

What is the Neopets kadoatery?

Neopets Kadoatery. The Kadoatery is a place for Neopians to place their Kadoatie’s when they go on vacation or just like a vacation FROM their high maintenance petpet. The problem is these critters are hard to keep quiet and they will cry if they’re not fed, and cry until they are fed.

Is it possible to get a kadoatie from feeding kadoaties?

Getting a kadoatie from feeding kadoaties is only a rumour. There are people who have fed over 5000 kadoaties and still have not received a kadoatie or anything other than the avatar and trophy. This rumour was started at the Neopian Times Editorial, but either hasn’t been activated, the person who wrote that was misinformed or stirring us up.

What happened to the kadoatery?

The Kadoatery originally opened on September 10, 2004. It was originally linked from the main Neopian shops map, but on May 2, 2006 it was removed. Sometime afterwards it was placed into the Neopian Plaza. TNT ‘s original plan was to award Kadoaties to people who fed enough Kadoaties at the Kadoatery.

What items can I request from the kadoatery?

Kadoaties will only request items up to R95—excluding Blue Draik Eggs, which have been removed from the Kadoatery as previously they would clog the requests up as no one ever fed them. For a full list of possible items, see our Item Database.