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What music does Sotho people listen to?

Popular music As an enclave of South Africa, it is not surprising that South African musicians have a large following in Lesotho. Most frequently heard on the radio are various sub-Saharan AfroPop styles, Sotho Hip-hop, RnB, Deep house, Soulful House, Dancehall, Jazz, kwaito, and reggae.

How do Basotho show respect?

In Sesotho, the words for father (ntate) and mother (mme) are used commonly as address forms of respect for one’s elders. Politeness, good manners, and willingness to serve are values very strongly encouraged in children.

What is Sotho traditional music called?

Basotho music can be described as ‘call and respond’ music; when instruments are used they aim to complement or substitute the voice. Basotho children are taught music, praise singing and dance from the beginning. Mothers and grandmothers sing lullabies to crying infants.

What is unique about the Sotho culture?

The Basotho people have developed a unique culture. As one of the few African tribes living in a mountainous environment, they have made many adaptations to their conditions. The Basotho blanket is one example. All around the country you will see people dressed in woollen blankets, often with beautiful patterns.

What is Mamokhorong?

The herd boys even had their own musical traditions to pass the time and calm their animals. They would sing and play the lesiba, a stringed wind instrument, and the mamokhorong, something like a one-string violin played with a bow made from cow or horse hair.

What is Mokhibo dance?

The mokhibo is a women’s dance performed on the knees, the body gently rising and falling as the hands are swept upwards. An informal choir stands behind the line of dancers, singing and clapping. The maqekha is a special dance that forms part of the first rites of girls’ initiation.

What is Imbeleko in Sesotho?

Imbeleko. Imbeleko is a ceremony that is conducted on the 10th day after the baby is born, or later. This is an act of detaching the umbilical connection from the mother and introducing the child to the ancestors.

How do you greet someone in Sesotho?

Hello! B: Ee, dumelang! Yes, hello! A: Le kae?

What are Sotho beliefs?

The Supreme Being that the Sotho people believe in is most commonly referred to as Modimo. Modimo is approached through the spirits of one’s ancestors, the balimo, who are honored at ritual feasts. The ancestral spirits can bring sickness and misfortune to those who forget them or treat them disrespectfully.

What is lesiba in English?

The lesiba (Tswana for ‘feather’, term adopted in Sotho), and gora or goura (Khoisan, for a type of bird, term adopted by the Xhosa and Zulu), are members of a class of “unbraced mouth-resonated bow[s]” with a flattened quill attached to a long string, stretched over a hard stick, acting as the main source of vibration …

How do you play Mamokhorong?

There are two ways to play the mamokhorong : either by holding the resonator over one’s head, or by holding it against the waist with the stalk balancing on the shoulders. The sound the instrument produces is the same in both cases, even if the bowing and stopping techniques differ slightly.

What is Mohobelo dance?

Vocally a cross between mokorotlo (war anthems) and lelingoane or mangae (initiation school hymns), with strong praise-poetry influences, mohobelo is a stride, slide and leap dance exclusively performed by Basotho men.