Where are Pandava Caves?

These caves are located on hill at the outskirts of Nashik city on Nashik Mumbai road (NH3) Dadasaheb Phalke smarak is erected at the foots of this hill. These caves are built on the Trirasmi hill about 3004 feet above the sea. These caves are the group of old Buddhist caves (B.C.250- A.D.600).

Which caves are situated in Pachmarhi?

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  • Which caves are also known as Pandava Caves?

    The Pandava Caves are located near Kadri Manjunath temple in Mangalore, Karnataka. Historians found that the current temple was a Buddhist monastery known as Kandarika Vihara. The shrine had a standing Buddha image in it. This image was replaced by the King Kundvarma of the Alupa dynasty, who was a devotee of Shiva.

    How many caves are there in Pachmarhi?

    5 caves
    The Pandavas were to spend a year in anonymity as a part of their exile. Agreeing to these terms, the Pandavas set out. While passing through Pachmarhi, they excavated 5 caves in the sandstone hills for their shelter. These caves are still in existence and have gained popularity as a major tourist spot in Pachmarhi.

    What is the caste of Pandavas?

    Pandavas were kshatriya. They were not blood related to the kuru kingdom(they were adopted by pandu). As they w ere born to kunti and madri through various gods. Therefore their cast can be considered as kshatriya celestial beings.

    Who built Pandav Leni caves?

    Cave No. 3 at Nasik is one of the most important caves, and the largest, of the Pandavleni caves complex. It was built and dedicated to the Samgha in the 2nd century CE by Queen Gotami Balasiri, mother of deceased Satavahana king Gautamiputra Satakarni, and contains numerous important inscriptions.

    Who discovered Pachmarhi caves?

    Captain James Forsyth
    It was discovered by Captain James Forsyth in 1857 and is amongst the most popular hill stations in central India. It is beleived that the five Pandava brothers stayed in five caves during their exile here, thus the name Pach (five), Marhi (caves).

    Who is Favourite wife of yudhisthira?

    Draupadi (Panchali) was the main consort of yudhishthir and he loved her the most. She accompanied him in every moment of his life till the time she died during journey to the heaven.