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Where are Thomas Kinkade Studios located?

18715 Madrone Parkway, Morgan Hill, CA
The Corporate Offices of the Thomas Kinkade Studios are located at 18715 Madrone Parkway, Morgan Hill, CA 95037.

Where can I see Thomas Kinkade paintings?

In Rainy Day in Carmel, Thomas Kinkade depicts quaint shops lining a rain-drizzled street….PAINTINGS OF CA SCENERY & CITYSCAPES

  • Carmel, Ocean Ave II.
  • Morrow Bay At Sunset.
  • Point Lobos, Carmel.
  • The Old Mission, Santa Barbara.
  • Catalina, View From Descanso.
  • Wisteria Arbor.
  • Pacific Grove.
  • San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Are Thomas Kinkade pictures worth anything?

Thomas Kinkade original painting values have grown, with many a part of private collections, but large prints can be purchased for around several hundred dollars.

How do I get my Thomas Kinkade painting appraised?

Because art values are highly dependent on the local market, the current demand for the image, and the availability of the artwork, we recommend that you contact your local Thomas Kinkade Studios Gallery if you are interested in getting an appraisal on your artwork.

What is Thomas Kinkade net worth?

As The Times previously reported, Kinkade’s estate is worth more than $60 million. Pinto was in a relationship with Kinkade at the time of his death in April. The artist, 54, died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium.

How do I sell my Thomas Kinkade paintings?

How do I sell my Thomas Kinkade paintings? Take pictures to a Kinkade art gallery and put them on consignment. Generally, if you are asked to sign a consignment agreement, you will be entitled to a percentage of the sale value less any costs associated with the transaction.

How much are original Thomas Kinkade paintings worth?

But the signed and numbered limited editions have gone up anywhere from $300 to $1,000 since the artist’s death, and they’ll likely continue to increase in value. The art gallery in Folsom is having an event later this month. Don’t bring the entire painting, just the certificate.

How do I sell my Thomas Kinkade prints?

How much are my Thomas Kinkade paintings worth?

How much is a Thomas Kinkade signed painting worth? Although the value of the signed and numbered limited editions has increased from $300 to $1,000 since the artist died, it is likely they will continue to do so.

How do you authenticate a Thomas Kinkade painting?

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of your artwork, a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is provided with Authentic Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition and Open Edition artwork. Limited Edition Prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that is numbered.

Who got Thomas Kinkade’s inheritance?

Amy Pinto Walsh
“I, Thomas Kinkade, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to Amy Pinto Walsh $10,000,000…

What is Thomas Kinkade most expensive painting?

What is the most expensive Thomas Kinkade? There is a $90 price tag in the underworld of art. Among living artists, “Pool” has received the highest price ever paid.

Is Thomas Kinkade art worth anything?

Several unauthorized duplicates of Kinkade’s paintings come from China and Thailand and are worth little. Original Thomas Kinkade art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and experts can determine the difference between a fraud and the authentic work. Collect any original packaging and printed paperwork that might have come with the painting.

What are the most famous paintings by Thomas Kinkade?

“San Francisco,Lombard Street”. “San Francisco has been a favorite of mine for a very long time.

  • “Stairway to Paradise”.
  • “Lamplight Manor”.
  • “Garden Beyond Spring Gate”.
  • “Garden of Prayer”.
  • “Evening Majesty”.
  • “Hometown Morning”.
  • “Everett’s Cottage”.
  • “Sea of Tranquility”.
  • “Carmel Sunset on Ocean Avenue”.
  • How do I Sell my Thomas Kinkade paintings?

    – Original canvas paintings. These are originals of later published and produced pieces by Kinkade. – Original plein air paintings. These oil landscape paintings were landscapes painted in a day. – Original paintings on paper. – Original sketch. – Studio and renaissance proofs. – Gallery proofs. – An artist proof or examination proof.

    How do you find the value of a Thomas Kinkade painting?

    1) Research the type of Kinkade painting you own. First, you should check whether it is still available on, because this will tell you whether it is sold out 2) Pay for an appraisal of your painting. Call your art appraiser to ask if they can appraise Kinkade paintings. 3) Take excellent photos of your painting. Make sure to use good lighting. 4) Put your painting on consignment with a Kinkade art gallery. Devoted Kinkade galleries often hold various paintings on consignment. 5) Create an account on eBay to sell your painting. If you have a certificate of authenticity, you may be able to get a good price for the art on 6) The rarity of the painting is likely to determine the number of bids you get. 7) Consult a local art gallery or auction house. Take your painting or photos to local art sellers to see if they want to display your painting. 8) Research and contact art brokers. These art professionals make their living selling artwork.