Where did Moplah revolt took place?

The Moplah Rebellion, also known as the Moplah Riots of 1921 was the culmination of a series of riots by Mappila Muslims of Kerala in the 19th and early 20th centuries against the British and the Hindu landlords in Malabar (Northern Kerala). It was an armed revolt.

What was Moplah revolt?

“The Moplah rebellion of 1921 was an attempt to overthrow the British government in Kerala. It was an expression of dissatisfaction of the Moplahs against British rule,” he said.

Who led the Moplah revolt?

Variyamkunnath Kunhamed Haji
The Moplah Rebellion was led by Variyamkunnath Kunhamed Haji who was the main protagonist of the Malabar Rebellion of 1921. Moplah Rebellion is a historical event that occurred a century ago. India is celebrating the centenary year of the Moplah rebellion (1921-22).

What were the causes of moplah rebellion?

There were several causes of these movements; the major the being increase in land tax, security of tenure and exploitation of the poor peasantry by the landlords. The big and middle peasants also participated in the movements. Most of the movements, leaving aside Moplah, were characterised by non- violence.

Why did Moplah revolt taken place?

The Malabar rebellion of 1921 (also called Moplah rebellion, and Mappila rebellion) started as a resistance against the British colonial rule in Malabar region of Kerala. The popular uprising was also against the prevailing feudal system controlled by elite Hindus.

What were the causes of Moplah Rebellion?

What was moplah rebellion 4 marks?

The Malabar rebellion (also known as the Moplah rebellion and Māppila Lahaḷa in Malayalam) was an armed uprising in 1921 against British authority in the Malabar region of Southern India by Mappilas and the culmination of a series of Mappila revolts that recurred throughout the 19th century and early 20th century.

What is the Moplah rebellion?

The Moplah Rebellion is also called the Mappila or Malabar Rebellion by the British. In the 19th and early 20th century, Mappila Muslims of Kerala started revolting against the British and the Hindu landlords in Malabar.

Who were the Moplahs?

These Moplahs were mostly cultivators in the traditional land system of Malabar. In the 18th century, Malabar was invaded by Hyder Ali. To avoid persecution and forced conversions. During this invasion, many Hindu landlords fled from Malabar to neighbouring areas.

What was the Mappilas rebellion?

The Moplah Rebellion was one of the first nationalist revolts against the British. The Mappilas Rebellion was inspired by a conception and the religious ideology that intended to form an alternative system of administration. They demanded a Khilafat government which could be a blow to the nationalist movement in Malabar.

What was the Malabar Rebellion?

The Malabar Rebellion which is also known as the Moplah riots were a series of armed revolts by Moplah muslims primarily targeted against Hindu landlords but also at the British rulers of India at the time.