Where is Porex located?

Founded in 1961, Porex Corporation’s global headquarters are located in Fairburn, Georgia, approximately 20 miles south of Atlanta.

How many employees does Porex?

With over 7,000 employees, the Company serves its customers from a global footprint of 105 facilities in over 25 countries.

What is Porex made of?

Materials include polyester, polyolefins, nylon, cellulosic, acetate and other fibers. Porex has extensive experience with numerous fiber material combinations used to satisfy a wide range of fluid transfer product requirements for medical, industrial, and consumer markets.

Who owns Porex?

Filtration Group Corporation
SNTC Holding Inc
Porex Corp/Parent organizations

Who owns the filtration group?

Madison Industries
Filtration Group GmbH based in Öhringen, Baden Württemberg, is part of the Filtration Group Corporation, a subsidiary of the US company Madison Industries.

What is Porex Filtration Group?

Porex Corporation, a global leader in advanced porous solutions and a member company of the Filtration Group, opened its doors 58 years ago in a small building on Bay Street in Fairburn, Georgia.

What is porous plastic?

Porous plastic defined The simplest definition of porous plastic is a breathable, versatile material that’s used in a lot of different products. The complex definition is a bit more scientific. Engineers fuse particles together to create a breathable microporous structure.

What does filtration group do?

Making the World Safer, Healthier and More Productive Porex is a leader in porous, fiber and foam material development. Through collaborative engineering partnerships, the company develops solutions to design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking.

Who owns Madison industries?

“Alex Joseph has been a key, foundational partner for all of us at Madison,” said Madison Industries founder Larry Gies.

What does porvair do?

Porvair is a specialist filtration, laboratory and environmental technology group. We focus on markets which have long term growth potential of which aerospace, energy and industrial process, laboratories and metal melt quality are the most important.

Is Cotton porous?

Cotton fabrics can be defined as fibrous porous materials. All fabrics are in fact porous media having a hierarchical structure with different characteristic scales, starting from the nanopores present in each cotton fiber.

What is sintered plastic?

Sintered porous plastics are a semi-rigid, open-cell porous material whereby heat sinters together porous polymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). The resulting part, which appears to be solid, is actually made up of thousands of tiny connecting pores.