Which silica gel is better blue or orange?

Blue indicating silica gel contains cobalt chloride and has been banned by the EU. On the other hand, orange silica gel is non-toxic and is widely used in the EU. It works best at room temperature and has a variety of applications where visual control of moisture is necessary.

Where do you get silica gel?

You can often find silica gel packets at some local hardware and hypermarkets like Home Depot or Walmart. However, even these ‘superstore prices’ are higher than buying directly from a desiccant supplier. Plus, you will have many more options with a desiccant supplier including packet size and unit count.

How is silica gel manufactured?

It is generally prepared by acidification of a solution of a silicate, such as water glass; the resulting silicic acid forms either a rigid mass or a gelatinous precipitate from which soluble materials are removed by washing with water. The water is finally removed by heating, leaving a glassy, granular solid.

What are the two types of silica gel?

7.3. Silica gels are classified into three types: regular, intermediate, and low density gels. Regular density silica gel is prepared in an acid medium and has a high surface area (e.g., 750 m2 gāˆ’1). Intermediate and low density silica gels have low surface areas (300ā€“350 and 100ā€“200 m2 gāˆ’1, respectively).

Why was blue silica gel banned by the EU?

In 1998, the European Union prohibited Blue Indicating Silica Gel (which contains cobalt chloride, a known human toxin) from being sold within European markets.

Does silica gel expire?

There’s no expiration date. The gel packets can be “dried out” when they are full of moisture and reused.

How much does silica gel cost?

Bulk Sorbents

Part Number Description Cost
639AG55 55 lb Drum of White Silica Gel 2-4mm bead 1 unit:$115.90 2+ units:$103.20
640SGO55 55 lb Drum of non-cobalt chloride orange INDICATING silica gel 2-4mm bead 1 unit:$163.50 2+ units:$144.80

Is silica gel cheap?

Silica gel is the most inexpensive, effective and practical desiccant which is available on the market. Silica gel grains have moisture-absorbing properties, so that they absorb and hold water vapor.

What is the starting material used to make the silica gel?

The term silica-gel is derived from the manufacturing method, sol-gel, to produce this material. Two raw materials, sodium silicate and mineral acid, are used in a wet process to create a reaction in generating monomeric silicic acid.

What is the difference between silica and silica gel?

Silica gel is form of silicon dioxide, Si02, the material that occurs in nature as sand. The difference between silica gel and sand is that sand is a crystalline, non-porous form, whereas silica gel is non-crystalline and highly porous.

Why does silica gel turn pink?

The bulk silica gel we have is an indicating type of silica gel. The moisture color indicator is due to bright blue crystals of a heavy metal salt, cobalt chloride. As the gel begins to absorb water, the color changes to light blue and finally pink, when it has absorbed about 8% of its weight in moisture.

Is silica gel banned in Europe?