Which soulstorm ending is canon?

In one of the loading screens for Dawn of War III, It reveals that Gorgutz was the canon winner. While I admit Gorgutz is my favorite character in the series and it is good to see that after two previous defeats he finally won in the last expansion. It also means that the Imperial Guard lost .

Who won Kaurava?

However, the plot of Dawn of War III, released in 2017, confirms that the Orks under Gorgutz proved to be the ultimate victors of the battle for the Kaurava System, making it the heart of his WAAAGH!, though no details are provided about how the Greenskins defeated all the other factions.

What races are in soulstorm?

Faction List

  • Chaos Space Marines.
  • Dark Eldar.
  • Eldar.
  • Imperial Guard.
  • Sisters of Battle.
  • Space Marines.

Who won on Lorn V?

Lorn V was an Imperial world conquered by Chaos and never retaken, apparently because of its negligible significance to the Imperium. However, a damaged Titan of unknown classification – named the Dominatus – that fell during the defense of the world was left there and buried in ice.

Who canonically won Dark Crusade?

The game has various endings for all the different factions, but Relic has stated that the Blood Ravens defeated both the Necrons and the Imperial Guard in the canonical ending.

Who is the traitor in Dawn of War 2?

Devastator Sergeant Avitus
Canonical ending Tactical Sergeant Tarkus reveals that the traitor of the Force Commander’s strike-force was Devastator Sergeant Avitus, who served with him on Kronus.

Who won the Dark Crusade?

the Blood Ravens
With the release of Dawn of War II, it is learned that the Blood Ravens (Space Marines) were officially the victorious faction, and that they were the army that both defeated the Imperial Guard present on Kronus at the city of Victory Bay and the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines who had sought to conquer the world.

Who won the battle of Kronus?

The Blood Ravens Space Marines
The Blood Ravens Space Marines ultimately proved victorious, even following an unexpected conflict with the forces of the Imperial Guard stationed on the world, and returned the planet to the rule of the Imperium of Man.

How do you unlock all races in soulstorm?

How to use

  1. Start the Soulstorm – Race Unlocker.exe.
  2. Insert your serial numbers of each expansion and for Soulstorm.
  3. Select the installation location of Soulstorm.
  4. Click Unlock, done!

Which Dawn of War has all factions?

Dawn of War features four fully playable factions from the Warhammer 40,000 universe: the Space Marines, Orks, Eldar and the Chaos Space Marines. The player can also control a very limited selection of Imperial Guard units in certain single-player campaign missions.

Who won kronus?

What is the canon ending of winter assault?

Canonical Ending She dies in all the other factions’ storylines. Warboss Gorgutz ‘Ead ‘Unter lives to fight another day, literally. He can be seen in Dark Crusade, leading the Orks again. Gorgutz was forced to retreat from Lorn V by the Imperial Guard, but not before killing Lord Crull and taking his skull with him.