Who is Markus Ruhl?

Markus Ruhl is a German professional bodybuilder who, at his peak, boasted one of the most impressive sets of shoulders ever seen in bodybuilding. However, Markus didn’t initially plan on becoming a bodybuilder. During his early childhood and throughout puberty, Markus played high-level soccer for his team in Germany.

What happened to Marcus Rühl?

Marcus Rühl progressed steadily through the local, regional and national ranks—finally gaining his Pro Card in 1999. For the next decade, the German Nightmare regularly placed in the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions on the planet. He retired from professional competition in 2010.

What is Rühl doing now?

He gave up his job at AllStars to become his own boss. His company, Rühl24, is well established in Germany. Currently, he’s promoting his own whey called Rühl’s Bestes.

How many copies did Markus Ruhl’s XXXL sell?

In the above linked YouTube video, Markus reviews his old DVD entitled, Markus Ruhl XXXL (2000). Back in the day, it was a small success; it sold around 1,500 copies!

What happened to Markus rühls from IFBB?

After 2010 IFBB Europa Super Show where he won 7th place, Markus decided to retire and focus on entrepreneurship. He owns a gym named Rule the Gym, and also started his own supplement company in 2018, named Rühls Bestes. Markus also began sharing his knowledge, coaching others, and holding regular bodybuilding seminars across Germany.

What near-death experiences did Markus Ruhl have?

Markus Ruhl lived an extremely dangerous life, and he talks about a near-death experience that he had: “Then I was in Jordanien. One week after I left the hotel, it was bombed. Then I was in Brazil, sitting in my car, and then the car before me got shot at and robbed. The driver died.”

Who has Markus Ruhl dated?

Markus Ruhl has dated – Simone – He was married to a woman named Simone in the past. Alicja Krafczyk (2015-Present) – After the two got engaged back in 2015, on August 31, 2017, Markus announced that he got married to Polish fitness model Alicja Krafczyk. They also have a daughter together who was born in 2016.

How does Markus Rühl train his chest?

Here’s Markus Rühl pushing the chest hard. Light cardio if required—although not recommended by Rühl himself. Markus Rühl often utilizes one day per week to concentrate on a muscle group that he believes needs more attention. Additionally, he will do heavy calf raises three times per week.

Why was Markus Rühl disqualified from Mr Olympia?

^ Rühl was disqualified from the 1999 Mr. Olympia contest after testing positive for diuretics. ^ Merritt, Greg (24 April 2015). “Retro Athlete: Markus Rühl The German mass monster who became a fan-favorite sensation”.

Why did Markus Ruhl wear a hoodie?

Additionally, wearing tank-tops and posing for the DVD was not Ruhl’s favorite task, but the producers made him do it. According to Markus, “I was more of an introverted bodybuilder, not showing much and wearing hoodies. I just didn’t want much attention.”

Is Markus Ruhl the same as Doug Hepburn?

Markus Ruhl, using the same grip-width as weightlifting champion Doug Hepburn. Mr. Hepburn used to bench-press (not incline) with an extremely wide grip, with remarkable success. Furthermore, he benched 580 pounds (263 kg) with a full range of motion.