Who was Kaikeyi in her previous birth?

wen kaikeyi came to know that ramji is the incarnation of lord vishnu, she asked vishnuji a boon that in his next avatar he takes birth from her womb… so in dwapar yug, vishnuji incarnated as krishnaji is born to devki ( who was kaikeyi in previous birth) but is separated from her since his birth for 14 years and …

Why did dashrath give boon to Kaikeyi?

Queen Kaikeyi helped Dasaratha in the war between him and the asuras. She helped him by being his charioteer in the abnormal war. Hence as a return gift he offered two boons to Kaikeyi which she said that she would ask it in future in need. Thus she used it for getting her desire come true.

What were the 3 wishes of Kaikeyi?

Three wishes are granted to Kaikeyi His first wife, Kausalaya, bore him Rama, the second one Sumitra bore him Laxmana and Shatrugana and the last one Kaikeyi bore him Bharata. Each son was nobler than the other. Once, during a battle, a wheel of Dashratha’s chariot came off.

Who is the daughter in law of Kaikeyi?

Family Ashwapati (Father) 7 brothers, including: Yuddhajit in Kekeya Kausalya (Co-wife) Sumitra (Co-wife)
Spouse Dasharatha
Children Bharat (Son)
Home Kekeya (by birth) Ayodhya (by marriage)

Who was Manthara in next birth?

It was this Yakshini who was born as Manthara. She was also the gandharvi (celestial being) named Dundubhi, while in one life she was Manthara, in another she was the servant called Kubja in the kingdom of Kamsa.

Who had 60000 wives?

Official wives(Patta Mahishis or crown princesses) are three_kausalya, Sumatra and kaikeyi. But he is supposed to have married 60000 wives, one each year to escape being killed by sage parasurama. As per one story, Dasaratha had 350 wives in addition to Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra.

Did Bharata forgive Kaikeyi?

Bharata’s reign was righteous, and the kingdom was safe and prosperous, but he continuously longed for Rama’s return. During this period he failed to forgive his mother Kaikeyi, and faithfully served Kousalya, Ram’s mother, and Sumitra, Lakshman’s mother.

Is devaki a Kaikeyi?

Devaki’s breasts grew heavy with milk that Krishna would never suckle from her. It is said that according to the law of karma, Devaki was Kaikeyi of the Ramayana reborn. In the Ramayana, Kaikeyi was responsible for Rama’s mother Kaushalya being separated from her son, thanks to Kaikeyi’s obduracy.

Where is Kaikeyi Desh now?

Geographical Location the Kekayas The Kekayas are said to have occupied the land now comprised by three districts of Jhelum, Shahpur and Gujerat, all in Pakistan.

Did Dashrath had a daughter?

King Dasharatha and his first wife Kausalya had a daughter – Shanta – before Ram and his brothers were born.

Who killed Manthara?

When Rama was playing with a ball and a stick, suddenly Manthara threw the ball far away from Rama. In anger, Rama struck her on the knee with the stick and her knee was broken.

Who was Roshni in Ramayana?

Roshni is a daughter of Manthara, a wealthy merchant of Ayodhya in Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series #1) by Amish Tripathi. All the four princes of Ayodhya considered her as a sister. Her character was very nicely written in the book. However, we rarely ever heard of her.