Who was Neely Henry Lake named after?

H. Neely Henry
Completed on June 2, 1966, the dam and reservoir were named for H. Neely Henry, a senior executive vice-president of Alabama Power. The dam has a 72,900 kilowatt generating capacity; the lake covers 11,200 surface acres (45.3 km2) with a total capacity of 129,800 acre-feet and about 339 miles of shoreline.

When was Neely Henry Dam built?

Construction of Neely Henry Dam: The first dam to be constructed on the river was Mitchell Dam in 1923 and the final dam, Neely Henry, was finished in 1966.

How long is Neely Henry Lake?

77.6 miles
Breadcrumb. Neely Henry Reservoir is located in northeast Alabama on the Coosa River, near the towns of Gadsden and Ohatchee. Just off I-59, the reservoir envelops 11,235 acres and extends 77.6 miles from the dam upstream to Weiss dam.

How do you fish lake Neely Henry?

Another Neely Henry Fishing tip is “shooting the docks”, using a bow-and-arrow cast with light spinning tackle to skip a jig far back under a boathouse dock. “There are brush piles around almost every boat house on the lake, and the crappies hang on these almost year around,” says Pitts.

What is the dirtiest lake in Alabama?

Logan Martin Lake

Lake Logan Martin
Location Calhoun / St. Clair / Talladega counties, Alabama, US
Coordinates 33°27′0″N 86°19′10″W
Type reservoir
Basin countries United States

How deep is Lake Jordan Alabama?

It is the southernmost impoundment on the river, and the dam is located just north of Wetumpka. Impounded in 1928, the lake stretches for about 18 miles between the Mitchell and Jordan Dams. Average depth is 35 feet, but depths of up to 110 feet are located just above the dam.

How deep is lake Jordan Alabama?

What state is Weiss Lake in?

Lake Weiss (pronounced “Wice”) is an Alabama Power Company hydroelectric impoundment covering 30,200 acres in northeast Alabama on the Alabama – Georgia border. The Weiss Lake fishery is the major economic influence in Cherokee County, so the locals treat anglers very well.

What is the deepest lake in Alabama?

Lewis Smith Lake
Lewis Smith Lake is a reservoir in north Alabama. Located on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River, it covers over 21,000 acres (85 km2) in Cullman, Walker, and Winston Counties. The maximum depth at the dam is 264 feet (80 m). It is the deepest lake in Alabama….

Lewis Smith Lake
Islands Goat Island

What is the clearest lake in Alabama?

The Clearest Lake In Alabama Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

  • Lewis Smith Lake, which is best known as Smith Lake, is located on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in Cullman, Winston, and Walker counties.
  • Covering nearly 22,000 acres, Smith Lake is hailed as the Southeast’s most beautiful lake.

What kind of fish are in Lake Jordan?

White perch
Largemouth bassSmallmouth bassChannel catfishYellow perch
Jordan Lake/Fish

What kind of fish are in Lake Jordan Alabama?

Fishery: The most common sport fish found in Lake Jordan include the Alabama spotted bass, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and black and white crappie. Popular non-game fish include channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish.