Can I use a PO box on a job application?

You can use the p.o. box as a mailing address. The employer can’t tell you whether you can have a p.o. box or not or whether you can use it as a mailing address, however, I agree that if the employer asks you for your address, then you…

What is the correct way to type a phone number?

You should provide the complete number, including the country code with no use of special characters or spaces. Just the number. For example, a phone number like +1-should be formatted as .

Can your parents call the cops on you for running away at 17?

What Happens If I Runaway At 17. There is very little you can do to secure the return of your 17 year old that runs away voluntarily. You cannot call the police to force your 17 year old to return to your household because the child voluntarily ran away.

Do police look for 17 year old runaways?

The cops will look for you until they run out of leads, or you are located. You see, it is not illegal for adults to go missing. If they locate you as an adult all they will do is notify you that you are listed as a missing person, and give you the information on who reported you missing.

Can you go to jail for running away at 17?

If you ran away at 17 and was found at 17 the is a very high chance you will go to adult court (in most states). If your 17 and run away and are found when your 18 then (in most states) you will still be charged as a juvenile.

Should you put an address on a resume?

If you’re applying for a job with the federal government, your home address is required information. For jobs where local residency is a requirement, an address will be expected on your resume. Some employers may specify where they want applicants to live when they post a job opening.

Is it better to email or drop off a resume?

Generally speaking, it is now not considered a welcome gesture for a job seeker to drop off a resume at an employer for a professional-level role. The person receiving the email could check out the applications at their convenience, but still much more quickly than a resume sent by traditional mail.

Can I put my nickname on a resume?

Nicknames are perfectly acceptable to put on a resume as long as they aren’t too informal. Using “Dan” as the shortened version of “Daniel” is just fine, but shortening “Benjamin” into “Jamster” is not (even if, God forbid, that’s what you like to be called).

Do you put your phone number on a resume?

What to Include in Your Contact Information Section. What to include: Include your full name, street address, city, state, and zip code. Also, include your phone number and email address. If you have a LinkedIn page or personal website, include these URLs in your contact section as well.

How do you write your phone number on a CV?

How to format contact information on your resume

  1. Write your full name in a bold and slightly larger font at the top of your resume.
  2. Write your email address under your name.
  3. After the email address, add your phone number.
  4. Include physical mailing address next (optional).

Can you go to jail for running away at 16?

It is not a crime for a juvenile to run away from home in California. The state has adopted the Interstate Compact on Juveniles, which states juveniles who are believed to have run away from home can be detained and returned to the custody of a: 1) parent, 2) guardian, or 3) the court.