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Can you dual wield lightsabers in Kotor 2?

Dual-wield allows greater variations in effects such as stun or specialized damages. Double-blade allows greater overall damage. There’s an opportunity to get two special lightsaber color crystals late in the game. If you dual wield, you can use both, one in each saber.

Where can I get a double bladed lightsaber in Kotor 2?

Double-Bladed Lightsaberedit

World Area Cost
Dxun Sith Tomb 1200
Telos Entertainment Module 081 1200

Can you have two lightsabers in Kotor?

Originally posted by Revan: I want to use two lightsabers, is it possible to build a second lightsaber or i need to find out another? If cant build, where can i find another one? one can only have on lightsaber *looks down* *looks back up* its sad i know but its the truth.

Are double bladed lightsabers good in Kotor?

Double-bladed does more damage with the offhand attack than dual-wielding full size sabers. You incur the hit penalty of a full-size offhand weapon with both setups. If you dual-wield, you can use a short saber (balanced weapon) in your offhand and take a very miniscule hit penalty – I think it’s only 0/-2.

Are short lightsabers worth it?

Regular lightsabers don’t have the Balanced quality, which means you take significant minuses to attack if you use a regular lightsaber in your off hand while using Two Weapon Fighting. Short lightsabers let you hit more often if you use it in the off-hand slot.

What is a Viridian blade?

A Viridian crystal was a rare type of crystal that was used for the color crystal in a lightsaber. This lightsaber crystal produced a lightsaber blade with a silvery-green color.

What is the fastest way to get a lightsaber in Kotor 2?

You’re going to need to pick a side of the force and stick to it during the first chunk of the game if you want to get your lightsaber as quickly as possible. This speeds up your first encounter with Visas. Make sure you’re 25% dark side or light side, then head back to the Ebon Hawk.

Can you get your lightsaber from Atris?

Whatever choices the player makes, Atris will reveal the lightsaber when conversing with the Exile. Choosing not to discuss with Atton about the lightsaber makes it a single-hilt with a cyan blade (coincidentally, the only color not available in the dialogue choices).

How many lightsaber can you get in Kotor 2?

Kevin Saunders: In KOTOR II, you can learn up to six of the seven Jedi Lightsaber Forms.

How do you get Darth Bandon’s lightsaber?

If you do Manaan as your first planet, then complete any other planet, you will get a cutscene where Malak sends Bandon after you. After seeing this cutscene, fly to Manaan and enter the underwater base. Kill Bandon there and loot his corpse for this saber.

Can you get a purple lightsaber in Kotor?

Two guaranteed drop locations are a rubble pile in the eastern dune sea on Tatooine, and an urn in Tulak Hord’s tomb in Korriban. Though the random dark Jedi ambushers like on Tatooine and Kashyyyk often carry purple lightsabers with them and you can loot it from them.

Is short lightsaber worth it Kotor?

How do I get two lightsabers on Kotor?

Taking the first step. Like we’ve already said,it’s going to take you a while to get everything you need to build your lightsaber.

  • Choosing your next planet. After you’ve finished the first chunk of the main quest,you’ll find there are loads of planets you can visit next.
  • Pick a side.
  • Crystalise it.
  • Talk to Bao Dur.
  • When do you get the light saber in KOTOR 2?

    – Synthesized Bryothsis Lens – +1 Attack, -2 Blaster Bolt Deflection, +1 Energy Damage – Pure Bryothsis Lens – +2 Attack, -3 Blaster Bolt Deflection, +2 Energy Damage – Enhanced Bryothsis Lens – +3 Attack, -4 Blaster Bolt Deflection, +4 Energy Damage

    Is KOTOR 2 worth it?

    KotOR 2 is great, though extremely different in tone compared to the original. I’d highly recommend it, and as vanire_ said playing with the Restored Content Modification is a must. 2 is by far the better game. 1 is the classic Star Wars story, 2 isn’t nearly as black and white.

    Which is better, Kotor or KOTOR 2?

    · I just finished KOTOR 1 and, while it had some hard swoop racing, I could still beat the first place. In KOTOR 2, not only I get NO prize for beating the 2nd and 3rd places, I need to be perfect to beat the first place. I tried that cheat/bug of pausing right before hitting something (tried both wall and those purple mines) and it didn’t work.