Can you go to high school on a cruise ship?

Can you go to high school on a cruise ship?

High school on a ship? Yes please. If you’re a high school student who just can’t wait until they’re in college to get started on their lifetime of adventure and learning, good news! We know you’ve always dreamed of going to high school on a cruise ship, so check out these programs below!

How old do you have to be to do Semester at Sea?

Are there age or physical fitness restrictions? We welcome trip participants over 10 years to join us. While there is no maximum age, all participants must be physically fit, active,and in good health.

How much does a semester at sea cost?

With Semester at Sea program fees ranging from around $26,000 to $32,000 for room, board and tuition, the program is not cheap (there are far more affordable programs out there). When you add books, immunizations, personal programs, visas, and airfare, you can expect to pay $35,000 to $41,000 for the full program.

Can you go to college on a cruise ship?

Semester at Sea is the only study abroad program in the world that allows students to live on a cruise ship for four months while traveling to multiple countries. The semester goes by incredibly quickly, and life is fast-paced on the ship.

Are Sea Schools real?

SEA offers unique summer high school programs for current high school students, including graduating seniors. At SEA, there’s an adventure with a purpose waiting for every student interested in exploring the marine environment through hands-on, experiential, and community-based learning! …

Is semester at sea only for American students?

Semester at Sea requires college students to meet our standards to cultivate a learning experience worthy of traveling the world. We welcome students of any sex, gender identity, race, disability status, veteran status, nationality, or ethnicity, to apply for admission.

Where does Semester at Sea start?

Fort Collins