Can you still use a Nextel phone?

So the question still stands, is Nextel back? The short answer is, no because the technology never left, it only improved. While we do not offer Nextel phones or services, our Interoperability Technology connects your phone with two-way radios in your business.

Does Direct Connect still exist?

Note: Legacy Sprint Direct Connect will be decommissioned at a future date. You will need to update the software and upgrade the device (in select cases) to use Direct Connect functionality.

Does AT have push-to-talk?

AT Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) is a walkie-talkie type service allowing you to instantly reach others by eliminating the dialing and ringing steps in a regular cellular call.

Can you still use Nextel phones?

The old Nextel iDEN network was decommissioned, so NO, it can’t be activated on the current networks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There are plenty of very low cost phones you can get from Sprint, Boost, Virgin, or even buy a gently used one from eBay or Gazelle. How do walkie-talkie phones work?

Does Nextel have good camera phones?

The i870 works on the tradional Iden platform and does everything that normal nextel’s do plus the mp3 player and an expansion card for more storage of your pics and videos. The i870 has a camera that is 3x better than any other Nextel phone currently on the market. The i930 is larger and heavier.

Is Nextel phone service still around?

While the service continued to expand throughout the United States, the company also made additional moves to increase its presence internationally. In May 1998, service was launched in Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the name Nextel Brazil, and a month later service was added in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the name Nextel Argentina S.R.L.

What happened to Nextel phones?

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