Do colleges read the Common App essay?

The main essay that is read by all colleges you apply to through the Common Application is your Common App essay, so be sure to make this very strong and broadly applicable. So, although the common app essay is the broader one that everyone reads, it’s still important to write a strong college-specific essay.

What makes a good common app essay?

A good Common App Essay topic can relate, as much as possible, to a particular anecdote, story, or even scene. A good essay begins at a specific point in time and revolves around a specific event. An essay without an anecdote or specific story is an essay TOPIC, not an essay.

Does the common app essay matter?

While most experts agree that a strong Common App essay won’t necessarily secure you admission into a highly selective college especially if your grades and test scores aren’t up to par a cogent, well-written statement could act as a tipping point in your favor at certain schools.