Does BUPA own Cromwell Hospital?

The hospital was bought by international healthcare company group Bupa in 2008.

What is Cromwell Hospital known for?

Cromwell Hospital, located in central London, is an internationally renowned private hospital offering treatment including complex care. We welcome both insured and self-pay patients as well as company and embassy-sponsored patients.

How many beds does Cromwell hospital have?

Outpatient services include private GPs, health screening and family medicine services. The hospital has 120 beds and boasts a large and loyal UK and international clientele, admitting self-pay, embassy sponsored patients and those funded by medical insurance.

What is the best hospital in London?

Best Hospitals – United Kingdom

´╗┐Rank Hospital City Score
1 St Thomas’ Hospital London 91.2
2 The Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle Upon Tyne 90.9
3 University College Hospital London 90.6
4 Freeman Hospital Newcastle Upon Tyne 90.5

What is Bupa local hospital care?

BUPA Local HospitalCare offers cover for eligible diagnostic tests, hospital and aftercare treatment provided by BUPA-recognised consultants and therapists.

Is Cromwell Hospital in congestion zone?

Although we are not in the congestion zone, you may have to cross the London congestion charging zone to reach the hospital.

Is there parking at the Cromwell Hospital?

There is no parking on the hospital grounds, but there are a number of car parks nearby: LCP Parking, Marriott Hotel, 147 Cromwell Road, London, SW5 OTU. Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Marloes Road, London, W8 5SR.

Which hospital does the queen use?

King Edward VII’s Hospital
King Edward VII’s Hospital (formal name: King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes) is a private hospital located on Beaumont Street in the Marylebone district of central London….

King Edward VII’s Hospital
Patron Queen Elizabeth II
Emergency department No
Beds 56

Which is the best A&E in London?

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust is currently the best performing A&E in London for seeing 95.25% of its patients within the agreed four hour target.

Can I use Bupa for emergency?

Health insurance doesn’t cover treatment received in A&E, walk in centres or urgent care centres, so if urgent care is needed to help stabilise or treat a Bupa patient’s condition, they should use NHS emergency services.

Does BUPA treat NHS patients?

Bupa Dental Care is one of the leading providers of NHS dental treatment in the UK. We offer NHS services at over 300 practices across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Does Cromwell hospital have parking?

Choose from hundreds of spaces in Cromwell Hospital – including on-street parking, off-street car parks and 214 reservable spaces.