Does CertainTeed make fiber cement siding?

Our products include siding, asphalt and solar roofing, trim, fence, railing, decking, foundations, insulation, gypsum, ceiling tiles, and pipe products. Our advanced CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ product features TrueTexture™ for authentic wood grain appearance in a weather-resistant engineered fiber cement.

What are the disadvantages of fiber cement siding?

Top 5 Problems With Fiber Cement

  • Fiber cement siding requires maintenance.
  • Fiber cement siding absorbs moisture.
  • Fiber cement is difficult to install.
  • Fiber cement is not the most environmentally friendly siding.
  • Fiber cement is not energy efficient.

How do I know if my fiber cement siding is CertainTeed?

CertainTeed fiber cement lap siding will include an imprint on the reverse side, using numbers and letters including one of these three letter pairs: RR, TH or WC. at CERTAINTEED WeatherBoards identification markings.

Who bought CertainTeed fiber cement siding?

Plycem USA Inc.
The CertainTeed fiber cement siding plants in Roaring River and two other locations have been sold to Plycem USA Inc., a subsidiary of Mexico-based Elementia.

How long does fiber cement siding last?

50 years
With regular TLC, your fiber cement siding can last 50 years or more—now that’s what I call long-lasting!

How do you fix CertainTeed fiber cement siding?

Use a plastic putty knife to apply the patching material to the damaged area, filling in the area and shaping the patch to match the original contours of the siding. Allow the patch to thoroughly dry and apply another thin layer of patching material if the first layer shrank during the drying process.

How often do you need to paint fiber cement siding?

every 10 years
However, to keep your fiber cement siding looking and working its best, it’s essential to repaint it every 10 years or so and performing basic repairs to cracks or splits in the fiber cement and caulking regularly.

What is the difference between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement and vinyl siding both make fine siding options for home exteriors—and they don’t chip like brick and stucco. Vinyl costs less to install but isn’t permitted on historic homes. Fiber cement looks more natural but tends to fade and requires more maintenance.

How do you tell if you have CertainTeed siding?

How do I know if I have the Siding that is the subject of this lawsuit? Unique fingerprint of wood grain in fiber cement siding: CertainTeed WeatherBoards are imprinted with a wood grain pattern that includes a characteristic knot recognizable in photographs as well as in siding samples.

How often do you have to paint fiber cement siding?

Can you pressure wash fiber cement siding?

The manufacturer recommends that you do not pressure wash your Hardie siding. The hard spray of water from the power washer can damage the surface of the siding. In fact, pressure washing fiber cement siding is one of the only ways you can damage this durable type of siding.

Does fiber cement siding crack?

Fiber cement siding can also shrink, crack, or lift off the house. These usually happen because of incorrect installation or weather and age.