Does South Africa trade with China?

South Africa is now China’s biggest trade partner in Africa, with China-South Africa trade volume accounting for about 20% of the total volume of China-Africa trade. Two-way investment also has been on increase in recent years.

Who is South Africa’s biggest trading partner?

South Africa’s Top Trading Partners

  • China: US$13.9 billion (11.2% of total South African exports)
  • United States: $13.1 billion (10.6%)
  • Germany: $10.5 billion (8.5%)
  • Japan: $8.3 billion (6.7%)
  • United Kingdom: $8.2 billion (6.6%)
  • Botswana: $4.4 billion (3.5%)
  • Mozambique: $4.34 billion (3.5%)
  • India: $4.27 billion (3.4%)

What is the relationship between us and South Africa?

Since South Africa’s transition to democracy in 1994, the United States and South Africa have built a solid bilateral relationship. South Africa is a strategic partner of the United States, with strong collaboration in the areas of health, education, environment, and digital economy.

What is China’s relationship with South Africa?

Since 2009, China has become South Africa ‘s biggest trade partner and export destination, and South Africa has become China ‘s largest trading partner in Africa . In 2011, bilateral trade hit a record high of more than 45 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for a quarter of China-Africa trade.

Who is China’s largest trading partner in Africa?

South Africa
South Africa is China’s largest trading partner in Africa, at a volume of $20.2 billion. Yet this is 4 percent of China’s trade with the European Union.

How much does South Africa owe China?

China is a major project stakeholder in the economies of many African countries, significantly influencing the continent’s affairs. According to research conducted as part of the Jubilee Debt Campaign in October 2018, African debt to China rose from $10 billion in 2010 to more than $30 billion in 2016.

How does South Africa benefit from trade relations with China?

Finally, South Africa, with its world-class banking sector and internationally competitive construction companies, can supply services to the Chinese market. Moreover, these services are set to benefit from the broader trade expansion with China, potentially establishing a virtuous circle of investment and exports.

Does the US trade with South Africa?

U.S. goods and services trade with South Africa totaled an estimated $17.8 billion in 2019. Exports were $8.0 billion; imports were $9.8 billion.

Does the US have a trade agreement with South Africa?

Trade Agreements: The U.S. and South Africa signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) in 2012, which amends the United States-South Africa TIFA originally signed in 1999.

Are USA and South Africa allies?

The United States and South Africa currently maintain bilateral relations with one another. The United States and South Africa have been economically linked to one another since the late 18th century which has continued into the 21st century.

What does South Africa import from China?

South Africa Imports from China of Articles of iron or steel was US$352.3 Million during 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. South Africa Imports from China of Articles of iron or steel – data, historical chart and statistics – was last updated on May of 2022.

Who is China’s biggest importer?

United States
List of largest trading partners of China

Rank Country / Territory China imports
1 United States 153.9
2 European Union 197.9
ASEAN 236.4
3 Japan 165.8