How can I attest documents from Saudi embassy in Pakistan?

Attestation of Documents from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan

  1. Colour copies (two) of 1st page of Passport (Must be signed & stamped by employer)
  2. Colour copies (two) of Iqama (Must be signed & stamped by employer)
  3. Colour copies (two) of CNIC (Must be signed & stamped by employer)

How can I get attested from Saudi embassy?

Original HRD Attested Degree/Diploma Certificate. Clear Passport (Name & Address page) Copy of the candidate. Employment Visa Number, Sponsor’s ID (Waqala Copy) or Iqama Copy. Original Offer letter or Bonafide letter duly attested by Chamber and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi.

Is attestation mandatory for Saudi visa?

Embassy Attestation is carried out in non-Apostille authentication case and is mandatory for those countries which are not enlisted with Hague Convention list. Similarly Saudi Arabia needs compulsory Saudi Embassy Attestation.

How can I attest documents from Pakistan Embassy?

issued by the departments of the Government of Pakistan needing attestation of the Embassy have to be first notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad or its four camp offices in the provincial capitals. Please also contact your relevant consulate for shipping and handling details.

How can I attest my marriage certificate from Saudi embassy in Pakistan?

Take the marriage certificate already attested by the Saudi Embassy for MOFA attestation. After the MOFA stamp, you can take your marriage certificate to any government office and they will accept it. It is better to take one translation copy of the marriage certificate from one of the approved translators.

How can I get documents attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan?

Attestation of documents such as Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, and Authority Letter should be signed by the executants personally in front of the Consular Officer. The executants must have original and photocopies of their passport, CNIC/NICOP or Smart Card.

What attestation is required for Saudi Arabia?

Documents required for Personal Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia like Marriage, Birth, etc. Copy of original marriage and birth certificate. passport copy of husband and wife(Marriage certificate). Original passport copy of father and child(Birth certificate).

How do you do attestation in Saudi Arabia?

Documents needed for Saudi Arabia Degree Certificate Attestation

  1. Original Offer letter dully attested from chamber of commerce and MOFA of Saudi rabia.
  2. Letter issued by university whether it have done regular or correspondence.
  3. Original Certificate should be authenticated from State level HRD.
  4. Passport copy.
  5. Visa Copy.

How many days will take for Saudi attestation?

How long will take to get my certificate Attested from Saudi Embassy? A. Educational certificate attestation from Saudi Embassy would take Minimum of 15 Working days that also if you had completed HRD (state Authentication).

How much does attestation cost?

Fee Structure

VFS Global’s Service Charges for MEA Attestation+Apostille
Personal Documents INR 649 (per document)
Educational Documents INR 649 (per document)
Commercial Documents INR 649 (per document)

Who can attest documents in Pakistan?

How can I attest my marriage certificate from MOFA Saudi Arabia?

For attestation services, you can visit the nearest MOFA office, located in the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in your country. After submission of documents, a fee for the MOFA stamp will be collected for each document.