How do I apply for PopMaster?

PopMaster is the Radio 2 quiz to test pop music knowledge and it is broadcast daily on the Ken Bruce show. If you want to take part in PopMaster with Ken Bruce, email [email protected] with your name, contact number and three pop passions.

How do I listen to today’s PopMaster?

BBC Radio 2 – PopMaster – Available now.

Who won today’s PopMaster?

The 2020 final was held on Thursday December 24 with the semi finals being held in the run up to Christmas Eve. Popmaster Champion, Giancarlo Piccaro, then passed his crown onto the 2020 Champion, Drew Tosh.

Has Ken Bruce played PopMaster?

Ken Bruce took to the virtual stage today to inform attendees of the Radio Academy Festival with the story of how PopMaster came about. Along with the story, Ken also presented a special version of PopMaster where he played both host and contestant, much to the amusement of the audience.

Can you play PopMaster online?

The PopMaster games are available (1) to play online on the BBC website or on Facebook; or (2) to play online through your mobile phone’s internet browser (if it has one).

How old is Ken Bruce?

71 years (February 2, 1951)Ken Bruce / Age

Is there a PopMaster app?

PopMaster is now available to play on your mobile phone For full details of how to play PopMaster on your mobile, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or if you’re using your mobile phone’s internet browser go to and follow the instructions.

When did PopMaster start?

PopMaster has run as a feature of Bruce’s show since 16 February 1998. With questions set by music expert Phil Swern, it offers a DAB radio for successfully completing the 3 in 10 bonus round.

What is the highest score on PopMaster?

Roger Cartwright, 57, was competing in Ken Bruce’s PopMaster on BBC Radio 2 and said he was shocked to have come away with 39 points, the top amount.

Who won Radio 2 PopMaster 2021?

BBC Radio 2 – Ken Bruce, Champions League PopMaster Grand Final.

Can you cheat on PopMaster?

Ken admits he suspects some are using online search engines to cheat during Popmaster. He said: “We can’t cheat-proof it 100%, but it’s a bit like cheating when you’re playing golf. You only cheat yourself in the end. If someone is cheating it becomes slightly obvious after a while.