How do I apply for Swayam course?

How to pursue SWAYAM online course?

  1. Visit
  2. There are two option window that show two options – Upcoming courses and Ongoing courses.
  3. Enrollment for the upcoming courses is open for the candidates.
  4. Click on the desired course that you wish to pursue.
  5. You will see an option “JOIN” for each course.

Can MOOCs get you a job?

Although MOOCs alone might not get you the job, it certainly can increase your chances of getting your dream job. If you are looking for a place to start, try searching for a course that you are interested in on these popular websites: edX, FutureLearn, Coursera, and Khan Academy.

How do I register for MOOC courses?

How to enroll in an online course? You can enroll in just a few clicks from the course information page. Simply click on the ‘Go to class ⟶’ button. This will take you to the course provider page, from where you’ll be able to enroll.

How do I add training to my resume?

Put Them in Their Proper Place If you’ve taken courses that have taught you something that will help you on the job, by all means, include them on your resume, she says. Just keep the list of courses short, and confine them to a single, small area, such as a “Professional Training” section under your work history.

How do I register for Swayam online course?

  1. SWAYAM Portal ( is an initiative of central government to digitalis the education system and to reach at remote areas.
  2. Step 1: Go to official website on SWAYAM Portal at
  3. Step 2: Then click on “SIGN IN / REGISTER” button on the top right corner as given in the below image.

Is Swayam certificate free?

Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however learners wanting a SWAYAM certificate should register for the final proctored exams that come at a fee and attend in-person at designated centres on specified dates.

Is Nptel and Swayam same?

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is the official SWAYAM national coordinator for engineering. All NPTEL online certification courses are SWAYAM courses too, and they are available on the SWAYAM platform as well. This is an NPTEL course that was offered in the Jan 2017 semester.

Do Coursera certificates have value?

With this in mind, if you are serious about acquiring a certain set of skills with MOOCs and are unsure you have the necessary drive to complete the full course, then getting a verified certificate is worth it.

Is coursera Recognised by employers?

Coursera courses are accredited by the leading global universities and its certificates are recognized by many employers. Unlike many other eLearning course providers, it hands out verified certificates and real degrees that can useful for your career.

Do employers care about MOOCs?

Rosendale (2016) investigated 202 employers’ perceptions of MOOCs and other degrees using an online survey. Overall, hiring managers stated that they preferred job candidates with traditional degrees as opposed to candidates with equivalent training through MOOCs.

Which course is best in Swayam?

Following 6 courses of SWAYAM have been listed in the best 30 online coursed of 2019.

  • Academic Writing: H.N.B Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal.
  • Digital Marketing: Punjab University Chandigarh.
  • ANIMATIONs: Banaras Hindu University.
  • Mathematical Economics: Doon University, Dehradun.