How do I fix my external hard drive not detected Windows 7?

Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 7

  1. Use the hard drive on another computer and see if it can be recognized.
  2. Try a different USB port.
  3. If you plug the drive into a USB hub, try connecting it to the computer directly.
  4. If you connect the drive to computer with a cable, try a different cable.

Does WD Passport work with Windows 7?

– The Windows Compatibility site declares this item is compatible with Windows 7 and no action is required. – The WD website states there are no drivers available for this drive. – The WD website states this item does not have ‘Smartware’.

How do I fix my WD Passport external hard drive not recognized?

Locate and right-click on your WD drive and click Change Drive Letter and Paths…. Click Change. Then select from the drop-down menu to assign a letter and click OK. Restart your computer and check if your WD external hard drive not recognized problem has been solved.

Is WD hard disk compatible with Windows 7?

Hi Underpar01, WD Elements External Hard Drives are Windows 7 compatible 32/64bit without requiring you to install any software. Also check the HDD if works with other computers.

How do I get Windows 7 to recognize my external hard drive?

On Windows 7, press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt. msc into it, and press Enter. Examine the list of disks in the disk management window and look for your external drive. Even if it doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer, it should appear here.

How do I get Windows 7 to recognize a new hard drive?

View partitions on the detected hard drives. Partition a new drive….

  1. Click on Start and right-click Computer.
  2. Click on Manage.
  3. A window titled Computer Management will open displaying two panes. Click on Disk Management.
  4. The Disk Management window will be displayed showing all the drives detected by windows.

Why is my WD hard drive not recognizing?

Change the USB Port/Cable to Detect WD External Hard Drive If the WD external hard drive cannot be detected or fails to show up on your PC, change the USB port (you may try to connect the external hard drive to the motherboard), or connect it using a different USB cable to check if it shows up on the PC.

How do I find my external hard drive on Windows 7?

How do you fix a undetected external hard drive?

External Drive Not Showing Up or Detected? 6 Fixes to Try

  1. Make Sure Your External Drive Turns On. This is a preliminary step, but still one worth checking.
  2. Check the Drive in Disk Management.
  3. Try Another USB Port and Computer.
  4. Troubleshoot Device Driver Issues.
  5. Create a New Drive Volume.
  6. Format the External Drive.

What do I do if my hard drive is not detected?

When your hdd is not detected due to defective areas on the unit, you can proceed with a software recovery. If it is the internal drive hosting the operating system, safely power down the machine, carefully disconnect the drive and plug it into another PC in order to proceed with the recovery in a secure manner.