How do I post directly from WordPress to Facebook?

Once you’ve synced it with your free account, go to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing, and toggle on the Automatically share your posts to social networks setting: Next, navigate to Tools > Marketing > Connections, and connect your website to your preferred social media networks.

How do I show my WordPress site on Facebook?

Simply drag the Facebook Page Plugin widget into your desired widget area, and then paste the URL of your Facebook page into the `Page URL` field. If you are using the classic widget editor, click Save and view your site to see the Facebook page embedded in your widget area.

How do I share my WordPress website?

To activate sharing buttons, navigate to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing. Here, under Sharing buttons, turn on the Add sharing buttons to your posts button. Next, from your WordPress menu, select Settings → Sharing. Under Sharing Buttons, drag the services appropriate to your website into the Enabled Services box.

How do I Share my WordPress blog on Facebook?

If you have a WordPress site, and you keep your blog updated, you probably want to spread the word through the Internet. A good place to start is Facebook. You can actually sync your WordPress and Facebook accounts so that, every time you post an article on your WordPress site, a link is automatically shared on Facebook.

How do I link my WordPress site to Facebook?

How to Link My WordPress Site to Facebook 1 Go to WordPress. 2 Locate the dashboard menu on the left side of the page. 3 Find the box that says Publicize. 4 Click the Connect button next to Facebook. 5 Select the appropriate page or profile. See More….

What is the connection between WordPress and Facebook?

First to define terms, there are two types of connections between WordPress and Facebook: First there are feed updates. These are simply items from your Facebook feed displayed on your website. They reflect your Facebook activity on your website.

How to publish a WordPress post to Facebook?

When you write posts, on the right side in the Publish box at the top, you will see a line that says Publicize with your Facebook handle next to it. By default it will send the title of the WordPress post to the Facebook post.