How do I use freeform in Inventor?

In general, the workflow for adding a freeform into a design:

  1. Select the freeform shape that best represents the desired geometry.
  2. Use the freeform edit tools to change the shape.
  3. If desired, create extra freeform shapes, edit them, and use Bridge to connect multiple freeform bodies.

How do you emboss letters in Inventor?

Emboss or Engrave a Face or Plane

  1. Click 3D Model tab Create panel Emboss .
  2. Using the Profile selector, click in the graphics window to select one or more profiles (sketch geometry or text) to emboss or engrave.
  3. Choose an emboss type:
  4. Specify the options associated with the type of emboss you’re performing:
  5. Click OK.

How do you add letters in Inventor?

Click in the graphics window to place the text box. In the Format Text dialog box: To insert text, enter text string in the edit field. To insert a property field, select a Type and Property, and click Add Text Parameter .

How do you find the normal to a plane in Inventor?

To View the Model Normal to a Face

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Look At .
  2. Click an edge, line, or planar element in the graphics window.

How do you become a model in Inventor?

To model a part in Inventor, you start by drawing sketches to define feature profiles and paths. You then use commands to apply parametric geometry to the sketched geometry and generate three-dimensional part features. Finally, you combine the features to create parts.

How do you engrave words in Inventor?

Click Profile and select one or more profiles (sketch geometry or text) to emboss or engrave. Click Emboss from Face, Engrave from Face, or Emboss/Engrave from Plane….Emboss or engrave feature

  1. Specify the depth.
  2. Click Wrap to Face to wrap the profile on a curved face.
  3. Click Flip to set the direction.

How do you add geometry text in Inventor?

Edit the sketch named “Line Sketch,” and then on the ribbon, Sketch tab, Create panel, select Text > Geometry Text. Select the angled sketch line to align the text. The Geometry-Text dialog box opens. You will try the different commands and observe how each affects the text.

How do you change planes in Autodesk Inventor?

Move a sketch to another plane in Autodesk Inventor

  1. If necessary create a new plane.
  2. Drag the new plane to the desired location in the browser.
  3. Right-click the sketch and select Redefine.
  4. Click the new plane for the sketch.

How do you change the plane sketch in Inventor?

Change Sketch Plane in Autodesk Inventor

  1. You’ve created a sketch on one plane only to find that you wanted it on a different plane.
  2. This image shows a sketch that was created on the X-Y plane.
  3. To put it on the Y-Z plane, right click the sketch in the browser and select Redefine.