How do you set a Timex Indiglo WR 30m?

How do I set the date on my Timex Indiglo WR 30m? Pull the plastic guard from beneath the crown knob (located on the right edge of the watch), and push the crown knob into the watch to start your watch. You will see the second hand begin to advance. Pull the crown knob out to the middle position to set the day.

What does Indiglo mean on a watch?

Indiglo is a product feature on watches marketed by Timex, incorporating an electroluminescent panel as a backlight for even illumination of the watch dial.

Why does Indiglo wear out?

This energy is then given off as light. After the atoms give off this light they can be exactly the same as they were before they got the energy from the battery. . People say that this Indiglo effect does wear out after long use, however.

Does Timex Indiglo glow in the dark?

Indiglo: yes, this watch does have the Timex Indiglo backlight which works great and is very easy to read in the dark.

How do you change the day and date on a Timex Indiglo watch?

Pull crown to “middle” position and turn CLOCKWISE until correct day appears. If day does not change, pull crown to “out” position and turn CLOCKWISE or COUNTER CLOCKWISE through necessary number of 24 hour periods until correct day appears.

How do I change the time on my Timex Indiglo watch?

With your index finger and thumb, carefully pull out the winding knob located on the right side of the watch. You will hear a click. Turn the knob slowly toward you and rotate the hands clockwise until the hour and the minute hands match the current time.

How long do Indiglo watches last?

Overall, though, with moderate use of the Indiglo feature, you can expect your battery to last for around three years.

Is Timex good watch?

Timex has cemented its place in the watch industry with its high quality, superb craftsmanship, and accessibility. It is a high-end luxury watch that meets everyone’s requirements looking forward to buying a luxury watch at affordable prices.

Why my Timex Indiglo stopped glowing?

There is a possibility that the battery contacts are not very clean. The watch movement would be less likely to be affected by this as it draws very little current, but a higher resistance in the contacts might be enough to stop the light from glowing.

How do I set my Timex watch?


  1. First, find the regular time mode by pressing the MODE button until the time (with the date at the top) shows.
  2. Press & hold the SET button until the word ENTER disappears and is replaced by the word TIME. Release that button.
  3. Press either the MODE or the START/SPLIT button.