How do you use a stop gap?

The first house we bought was only a stopgap, until we could afford something we really liked. 8. But Legacy was more of a stopgap than a serious WordStar product, a tester, you might say. 9.

What is another word for stop gap?

Some common synonyms of stopgap are expedient, makeshift, resort, resource, and shift. While all these words mean “something one turns to in the absence of the usual means or source of supply,” stopgap applies to something used temporarily as an emergency measure.

Where does the term stop gap come from?

stopgap (n.) also stop-gap, 1680s, from stop (v.) + gap (n.); the notion probably being of something that plugs a leak, but it may be in part from gap (n.) in a specific military sense “opening or breach in defenses by which attack may be made” (1540s). Also as an adjective from 1680s.

What is a word for temporary solution?

What is another word for temporary solution?

makeshift expedient
substitute stopgap
temporary measure expediency
recourse resort
band-aid temporary expedient

Which phrase means a fast easy solution that’s only temporary?

quick fix | American Dictionary an easy but temporary solution to a problem: Managers are looking for a quick fix.

What is another word for powerful?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for powerful, like: mighty, indomitable, omnipotent, dominant, strong, influential, stalwart, herculean, ruthless, ruling and vigorous.

What is interim solution?

temporary and intended to be used or accepted until something permanent exists: an interim solution.

What is permanent solution?

A permanent solution is one that completely resolves the underlying Problem by eliminating its root cause. It prevents any more Incidents from being caused by the said Problem.

What is the opposite of a quick fix?

complete. important. mature. serious.

What are the 12 powerful words?

Trace, Analyze, Infer, Evaluate, Formulate, Describe, Support, Explain, Summarize, Compare, Contrast, Predict. Why use the twelve powerful words? These are the words that always give students more trouble than others on standardized tests.

What’s another word for strength?

Some common synonyms of strength are energy, force, might, and power.

What is a temporary solution?

Temporary Solution means a temporary correction of a Defect in order to restore an Integrated Product or the part thereof into operation.

What is the meaning of stop gap?

Colloquially, “stop gap” means a temporary measure until a more permanent solution can be devised and implemented. My earliest acquaintance with the term was explained by the “Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike to save the town from flooding – holding back the ocean until more permanent help could arrive.”…

Does stop gap coverage protect against lawsuits?

The ownership purchased Stop Gap Coverage several years ago to protect against employee injury, however, and is able to protect against a lawsuit brought on by the injured employee. In addition to injuries not protected by workers’ compensation, Stop Gap Coverage also protects against the following types of lawsuits:

Is there such a thing as a stopgap?

Only it had been planned as a short-term stopgap —one to be used only until a below-surface airlock could be constructed. However, a stopgap was found in the person of the book-keeper, a young Englishman, who knew more of music than accounts. The stopgap was such that it must remain as it was; and every further effort was useless.

What is the stopgap project in Hexham?

The StopGap Project in Dean Street, Hexham, was given a pounds 281,000 cash injection and a county council grant of pounds 50,000.