How long does it take to get between terminals at CLT?

Inter-Terminal Transport It’s possible to walk between the 2 furthest gates within 15 minutes, and for passengers with any mobility issues, wheelchair assistance can be provided by contacting your airline.

Is 1 hour enough for connecting flights in Charlotte NC?

Connecting to an international flight from a domestic flight in Charlotte will require a minimum layover of 45 minutes.

Does Charlotte airport have multiple terminals?

The Charlotte Airport has only one terminal building linking five different concourses – Concourse A to Concourse E. All gates to the airplanes as well as the concourses are easily accessible from CLT airport checkpoints.

Which terminal at CLT is American Airlines?

Concourse C
Concourse C is designated for American Airlines flights and American Eagle flights operated by Republic Airline. There is a second Admirals Club between Concourses C and D. Concourse D serves international flights, and some American Airlines domestic flights.

Is CLT airport easy to navigate?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is one of the easiest airports for travelers to navigate, according to a report by USA Today. The newspaper used data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to rank Charlotte-Douglas in the top five for on-time departures.

How much time do you need to change planes in Charlotte?

A minimum 1 hour scheduled connection time should be sufficient for domestic connections. MCT for anything involving international flights is 90 minutes; that will work for domestic to international, but: I’m a non-US passport holder connecting in CLT from an international to a domestic flight.

Is a 35 minute layover enough time in Charlotte?

35 minutes would just barely be enough time to get to your gate IF it arrives in time. Charlotte airport is good size, not massive but each concourse is very long. So it depends on where your gates are in each concourse.

Is Charlotte airport hard to navigate?

Is it hard to get around the Charlotte airport?

Is a 35 min layover in Charlotte enough time?

How much time do I need for a layover in Charlotte?

Domestic Connections: MCT is 40 minutes. A minimum 1 hour scheduled connection time should be sufficient for domestic connections.