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How Much Does Indian Echo Caverns cost?

Indian Echo Caverns

Hours: Daily: 10am-4pm Memorial Day – Labor Day: 9am-5pm Cost: Adults: $18.50, Children: $12
Website: Address: 368 Middletown Road Hummelstown, PA 17036

How long does it take to go through Indian Echo Caverns?

45 minutes
The tour is 45 minutes in length. A professionally trained interpretive guide explains the caverns geology, history, and shows the beautiful formations of the caverns. All tours begin at the gift shop. At Indian Echo caverns we strive to be entertaining and educational for all ages.

How many steps are at Indian Echo Caverns?

71 steps
It’s 71 steps down and up, and some in the middle. Some tight spaces, and some people on the tour weren’t ready for it. It’s a constant 52 degrees which they explain the flyer, and there’s a lake down there, while we don’t walk through it water does drip down so you walk through watery gravel. Wear the right shoes!

What do you wear to the Indian Echo Caverns?

The temperature in the caverns is a consistent 52 degrees. You may want to bring a sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket for the tour. Sweatshirts and jackets are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Is Indian Echo Caverns safe?

Safety. Some might be hesitant to go into the caverns, given the recent event in Thailand where an entire youth soccer team was trapped in a flooded cave. But the staff at Indian Echo Caverns say their tour is completely safe. β€œIt’s very safe.

When were the Indian Echo Caverns discovered?

Indian Echo Caverns
Wilson Cave, Hummelstown Cave, Stoverdale Cave, Giant’s Cave, Indian Cave, and Indian Echo Cave
Entrance to the cave
Location Derry Township
Discovery c. 1802

What is the temperature in Indian Echo Caverns?

The cavern maintains a year-round temperature of 52 degrees. Be sure to stop by Gem Mill Junction where you can search for gemstones. The tour is 45 minutes in length.

Who discovered Indian Echo Caverns?

A second entrance was sealed for security purposes when the caverns were commercialized in the late 1920s….

Indian Echo Caverns
Discovery c. 1802
Geology Beekmantown limestone
Entrances 2 (1 used)
Access public

Is Indian Echo Caverns pet friendly?

Set off on a unique adventure with your family or friends at Indian Echo Caverns, a pet-friendly Pennsylvania cave that permits visitors to bring their pets underground provided the pet is held by someone.

Who died in Indian Echo Caverns?

The Narrative of Indian Echo Cave The cover of the pamphlet is gray and contains inside three distinct parts. The first part is the story of Elizabeht (Harriet) Wilson and her ignominious death. Part the second is the manifesto of William Amos Wilson titled The Sweets of Solitude.

Who was the man in the Indian Echo Caverns?

William Wilson
It has more recently been known as Indian Echo Caverns. For nineteen years (1802–1821) the caverns were the home of William Wilson, known as the Pennsylvania Hermit.

When was Indian Echo Caverns discovered?

c. 1802

Indian Echo Caverns
Discovery c. 1802
Geology Beekmantown limestone
Entrances 2 (1 used)
Access public