How much does Maximo training cost?

Training Class Descriptions and Pricing

Physical Class On-site Private Class
Maximo 7.5 or 7.6x System Administration Description: Training Class Maximo 7.5 or 7.6x system administration 3 days -$13,800 Price is for five (5) Students, and is all- inclusive, training laptops and Manuals

Is Maximo a CMMS system?

IBM Maximo is a web-based Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution, leader in the world. IBM Maximo is an Enterprise asset management solution (equipment, installations, buildings, etc) and services including; purchasing, inventory, management of locations, service desk, and work planning.

Is Maximo difficult?

IBM Maximo is an easy incident management platform and the interface is very clean and easy [to] get started.

Is Maximo a CMMS or EAM?

What Is IBM Maximo? Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform designed to support the tracking and upkeep of assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

How much does a Maximo license cost?

IBM Maximo This traditional provider’s cloud-based product Maximo SaaS starts at $164 per user/month and offers standard functionality (asset lists, service history, KPIs, work orders, POs), mobile access, machine learning, business intelligence, and API integrations.

Is Maximo SAP?

Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP Applications manages asset and work management processes and integrates the SAP system with the rest of the enterprise. With the adapter, you can automate business processes across the enterprise, which improves efficiency and increases data accuracy in your enterprise systems.

What is the difference between SAP and Maximo?

The Maximo EAM allows users to review details about the bill batch, customer agreement, copy status, prices and costs. SAP Enterprise Asset Management works with assets throughout their entire lifecycle. At the start, users can easily enter assets into the program database and track all asset performance in real time.

Is Maximo an ERP?

The advantages of using IBM Maximo in an ERP environment Doing so gives them the best of both worlds: the business benefits of Maximo’s advanced asset management capabilities, and the ability to preserve existing investments in SAP systems.

What database does Maximo use?

Maximo Asset Management supports various database servers, including: DB2® Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server.

Is Maximo similar to SAP?

The solution offers a centralized platform for real-time inventory visualization and stock availability across multiple sites and direct lookup for specific assets. Maximo beats SAP in this category with its all-in-one inclusivity and automation features.

Is Maximo an ERP system?

What is Maximo application suite?

Explore Maximo Application Suite It’s a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.